Agent Berlin terror suspect shot and killed only nine months' service

Agent Berlin terror suspect shot and killed only nine months' service

World December 23, 2016 10:51

milan - The agent Anis Amri terror suspect shot dead in Milan was only nine months in office. That told the Italian Minister Marco Minniti (Interior) Friday at a news conference.

The terror suspect was, according to Italian media overnight stopped outside a train station by two officers. When the man for his identification was asked, he would have immediately opened fire.

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In the firefight that followed, hit a policeman wounded and the suspect was killed. The officer who fired the fatal shot was only nine months in office. According Minniti Italy has a quiet Christmas with these two agents.

Italian police, according to the first reports do not focus on looking for the Tunisian. He would be addressed during a routine check. According to a police source evidenced by the decreased fingerprints that it is indeed going to Anis Amri.

A train ticket which was later found on the body of the man, according to regional media shows that he night was at 01. 00 hours by train arrived in the city. About two hours later the fatal confrontation with the police instead. The accused would have traveled through France to Italy.\n  \n  \n   advertisement

European security services for days in search of Amri, on Monday, according to the German authorities with a truck crashed into a Christmas market in Berlin., Killing twelve people dead. And in the truck were found fingerprints and personal documents of the Tunisian.

The Italian police is still looking for whether the firearm used the man in Italy, was the weapon with which he hijacked the truck in Berlin.

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