Against murder on Facebook

Against murder on Facebook

World April 26, 2017 06:06

bangkok - The Thai police are looking to see if they can get 'inappropriate online content' faster on the Internet. The Thailand police said this Wednesday after a Thai man had put video footage on Facebook showing how he was his eleven month old daughter to Life. The father was later found lifeless next to his daughter's body.

The images lasted about 24 hours on the social network before they were noticed and removed, police reported Tuesday. On the images, Wuttisan Wongtalay was able to see a rope around his daughter's neck and then wipe her. Then he throws the lifeless body from the top floor of an abandoned building in Phuket Town.

Earlier this month, on Facebook, a live video was shown how a man randomly murdered a 74-year-old man in US Cleveland. Topman Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook stated after the incident in Cleveland that Facebook 'does everything to prevent such tragedies happen'.

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