After Irma Hurricane José came in

After Irma Hurricane José came in

World September 7, 2017 09:27

the bilt - Saint Maarten has to make up for another hurricane in the coming days. José is coming. The new storm is a lot less powerful than his sister, but again, according to weather agency, after the devastating power of Irma, it can again inflict a lot of damage to the island.

According to the calculations, it is expected that José arrives near Sint Maarten on monday. But it could also be a few days earlier and the price may also differ. 'A hurricane is difficult to predict. The models indicate Monday, but a hurricane often also goes its own way. It may also be that José has come by the weekend, 'said a metroist of Weeronline.

The weather models calculate for José wind speeds of about 180 kilometers per hour and hence the hurricane only comes in category three. Irma is a hurricane of category five with average wind speed above 250 kilometers per hour. According to Weeronline, Sint Maarten has never seen that before.

Hurricane Irma has not yet lost its power and is now moving to the Caribbean as a category 5 hurricane north of the Dominican Republic in the western direction. Sunday morning early (local time) will reach Irma Florida, reports Weatherplaza.

Irma remains a category 5 hurricane, even if Saturday is the Bahamas. In the direction of Florida, there seems to be some decline in the crowd. But as a category 4 hurricane, Irma can still cause a lot of damage in the US.

The power of Hurricane José is estimated less vigorously. It is now a hurricane in category 1 that can still grow into category 3. But before saturday José begins to lose weight again.

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