African with huge buttocks stops traffic

African with huge buttocks stops traffic

World February 23, 2018 13:48

abidjan - Eudoxie Yao from Ivory Coast has such a big backside that she disrupts traffic in her hometown of Abidjan. Thanks to her 'good genes' she is seen as the African answer to Kim Kardashian.

'People are often surprised or shocked when they see me. I even stop traffic, 'she says in an interview with Daily Mail. Walking over the street is difficult anyway, because everyone wants a selfie with the woman.

The circumference of her enormous butt is more than 1.5 meters. Yao claims, however, that she never allowed her to tinker with her body. 'I never had plastic surgery, never. I have always looked like this. My parents even have bigger asses than me. '

She is very proud of her body. She does not know her sizes, but that is not necessary either: Yao always buys the smallest size. Stretch clothing is a godsend for the African beauty. 'I like to describe my look as ultra-sexy,' says the woman. 'Men love women with curves. '

Her great example is- not entirely unexpected- Kim Kardashian. 'They compare me with her. She is definitely my role model. 'The African hopes to become as successful as Kim and refuses to go on a diet.

It is likely to be difficult to match the 108 million Instagram followers of Kim, but Yao is well on the way with her 425,000 followers.

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