Address Fraud addressed through internet sites

Address Fraud addressed through internet sites

Tech December 15, 2015 10:21

- In the fight against address fraud targeting the government is now also on the Internet. Ads which is controlled by address potential fraud are removed from sale sites like Marktplaats or

Officials from the Interior have been accounted for about a hundred of these ads and removed, so the ministry said Monday. Then, the provider of the ad receives a message that he is doing forbidden things. Possibly following research into the address stated in the ad.These are advertisements that faulty residential structures are offered. People offer for example housing to which the ' tenants ' do not need to register with the municipality. Or people ask themselves a postal address. In this way, people mistakenly try to apply surcharges or benefits. Others try to just remain untraceable to the police or tax authorities.The government has allocated additional funds to tackle address fraud.

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