Additional measures for balconies flat Roosendaal

Additional measures for balconies flat Roosendaal

World August 14, 2017 15:15

roosendal - There is a risk that more side panels of balconies from a flat in Roosendaal will be released and therefore additional measures will be taken in the coming days. There is a relief structure that must stop or catch the side panels. How the construction is coming out is not exactly clear. There is also protection for the roof of the underground shopping mall. Residents of 22 apartments can not use their balconies for the time being, let owner AlleeWonen know.

Due to concrete rot, a side panel of a balcony came down. The balcony was on the roof of the shopping mall. The damage was limited and no one was injured.

The surroundings were deposited. The mall is just open. A petrol station that lies within the deposition remains for the time being.

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