AdBlocker on iPhone saves considerable data

AdBlocker on iPhone saves considerable data

Tech November 5, 2015 12:30

- iPhone owners can with a AdBlocker ' big savings on their internet bundle. This shows a sample where the Consumer Association of 30 popular Dutch websites visited homepage with and without AdBlocker.

When WeerOnline. nl is the most savings. AdBlocker app Purify keeps on the homepage of this site as much as 83 percent of the data traffic counter.

Other websites where a AdBlocker saves much traffic, its Voetbalzone. en (79 %), Tumblr. en (75 %) and Phone Book. nl (70 %). The Consumer Association compared the effectiveness of three adblockers : Purify blocks most traffic, averaging 38 percent per site, followed by Crystal (31 %) and Blockr (30 %).

iPhone owners who visit every day ten web pages via a cellular network, can save a AdBlocker per month up to 300 MB of their data bundle. Blocking ads also saves consumers time and aggravation, because web pages load much faster, and it offers privacy benefits because ads often collect private data. A disadvantage of adblockers is that they sometimes block anything too much traffic which also useful parts of a website are not loaded.

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