Activists: Boycott selfiedierentuin China

Activists: Boycott selfiedierentuin China

World July 10, 2016 17:42

- Guangzhou Animal activists beg customers to boycott Chinese mall. The building is a zoo where animals are confined so that people can deal with selfies.

The Grand Four shopping center in the city of Guangzhou are include walrus, arctic foxes, wolves, fish, beluga whales and polar bears two locked in cramped cages. PETA has therefore started a petition against the zoo.

According to the website, various studies have shown that a number of animals suffering from a depression, which is caused by the captivity. 'We must ensure that more people become aware, so they can help to stop this kind of cruel 'attractions'.'
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The zoo came earlier this year in the news by Animals Asia, who released images showing how a polar bear is unhappy in his loft. 'Animals in their natural environment away can never be talk, but if they are then trapped as in the Grandview aquarium there are no worse conditions imaginable. This is a bear decides. But for what? For selfies?' Said organization.

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