'Action is many people's heart '

'Action is many people's heart '

World March 29, 2017 10:00

- 'I've been here since 07:00. But I had this morning have a breakfast and the people which we do not this, 'says Heart Netherlands presenter Mirella Markus. She is one of many famous Dutch today in Hilversum Sound and sit in the telephone panel during the day of action Giro555 for the victims of the famine in Africa.

Markus: 'I've had all kinds of callers on the line. A classy gentleman from Wassenaar wanted to give something, all he needs now 'no longer as wide. I settled on a few euros, but he donated one hundred euro. And a girl of 11 collapsed twenty euros. I notice that many people truly have at heart. '

Also resigned Deputy Prime Minister Lodewijk Asscher slides briefly in the panel. 'People find it funny when they hear who they have on the line. I just spoke to a lady from 1930 who wished me luck with my career. 'I voted for you, 'she said. And gave them 50 euros, 'says Asscher, who is in a hurry button to speak to the press than to talk to callers.

Despite his busy schedule, he was determined to make time for action. 'I myself quite young children, I have given this morning breakfast. Then again how fortunate we are, because some children do not have that sense. If you can do something, do it. '

Daphne Bunskoek says: 'I just felt a caller on the line a little guilty because he had eaten too much. 'Strange when you then realize that other people are starving,' he said. 'Bunskoek has allowed to record all different gifts from 50 euros and a hundred times euros. 'One lady was angry. They complained that the gymkwartier order was canceled because of the TV action. But she did have all that dumped. '

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