Accidentally parked on disabled parking, agent gives himself a fine

World November 14, 2017 15:54

milwaukee - An agent from Canadian Milwaukee does not just let anyone run if those who violate the law. That proved David Clarke when he waved himself on the couch. His car was accidentally parked in a disabled parking lot.

Clarke parked his police car at the County War Memorial for a veteran day Wednesday. However, that did not turn out to be the right location. The agent instructed a colleague to move the car.

When Clarke returned, he saw that the police car was parked in a disabled parking lot. He decided to write a fine, in this case to himself.

'The rules are the same for everyone, so I can not park in a disabled parking place without a state of emergency,' said the agent in a press release. 'There is no excuse. Also not in this case. '

The fine is about thirty euros. Clarke decided to donate another $ 170 for charity. An organization that works with the disabled gets the money.

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