Abou Jahjah not happy with foot on Koran

Abou Jahjah not happy with foot on Koran

World April 25, 2018 18:06

antwerp - The Belgian-Lebanese publicist Dyab Abou Jahjah filed a complaint against the new book by ex-Miss Belgium and Vlaams Belang politician Anke Van dermeersch. On the cover is the Flemish with her heels on the Koran.

In the book 'A. N. K. E. #PolitiekIncorrect 'tells Van dermeersch about her strong relationship with Filip Dewinter and reveals more juicy gossip about politicians and famous Flemish people. Islam is also widely discussed. 'If I hear feminists wearing a headscarf... I do not accept that ', according to the politician in an interview.

According to Abou Jahjah, the book shakes an entire community and the anti-racism and anti-discrimination laws are violated at various points, reports HLN. be.

Especially with the cover, on which the politician 'puts Islam a heel', he has trouble. Abou Jahjah: 'The Qur'an is a holy book, which is not placed under a shoe. '

Abou Jahjah also points out that Van Dermeersch himself and her party 'have been ravaging the Muslim community for years and inciting hatred. 'He warns that the book- which according to the publicist is provocative and insulting- can be dangerous. 'It can attract the attention of extremists abroad, with the danger that they will radicalise and recruit young people here. '

According to him, it is unique in the world that such a book is published by a well-known figure and politician. 'Elsewhere such books are written by eccentrics. '

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