'Abdeslam is anything but an informer '

'Abdeslam is anything but an informer '

World March 22, 2016 05:10

- A straw man, a big fish or an informer? According to Samia Maktouf, lawyer for the victims of November 13, Salah Abdeslam was one of the originators of the attacks.

As Europe's 'most wanted' finally stuck, the question arises as to what he knows about the terror cell who committed the attacks in Paris. Counselor Samia Maktouf and its clients can not wait until he has put foot on French soil.

'We especially want to know how he came to such acts. What also interests us is how this organization works. Multiple bombings in which 130 fatalities, you can not perform without extensive logistical and material support. And who were those who offered him shelter? They can not remain at large. Molenbeek hiding dozens of dangerous individuals. '

Abdeslam was such a big boy? He hired cars, bought materials to make explosives, arranged shelter and took jihadis on. Maybe he was not more than one link. Maktouf, 'Absolutely not! He is not the only one behind the attacks, but he knows a lot. He claims he saw them off to blow himself up at the Stade de France, but that is no more than a defensive strategy. So he wants to distract attention. He's obviously going to say that he was weak, he was brainwashed, and that he did not want to disappoint his brother Brahim, who then detonated bomb belt on a terrace. But this does no one believe? If he had so sorry, he had himself that Friday may indicate yet; police stations enough in Paris. Then it was also been necessary to play hide and seek for four months. '

The lawyer, who has filed a complaint on behalf of survivors to the European Court because of serious negligence of the Belgian authorities is still not satisfied. 'My clients are relieved, but have a bitter taste in the mouth. We do not want a trial with one suspect, but that will soon stand trial several instigators. '

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