A dance in Brussels costs money

A dance in Brussels costs money

World November 29, 2016 16:06

brussels - The municipality of Brussels harkens annually over 90,000 euros together for a dance called tax. In all cafes in the city where they sing, per night will be charged a tax of forty cents per dancer.

The tax on dances dates back to 1950, but modernization should know the town nothing. 'We have no reason to. The amount of 0.40 cents per dancer-in which we assume an average number of visitors per evening is still the same as in 1950, so it's not exactly new. All 38 pubs in Brussels, where dancing is covered by these regulations and pay with ease the Brussels dance fee, 'said the Brussels Alderman Philippe Close.

Dance tax emerges suddenly as cafe will soon also have to believe the Bonnefooi downtown. The cafe must now pay 160 euros per month to the municipality. 'When Bonnefooi inspectors arrived there only last month behind that is danced there and therefore the dance fee is now only there. '

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