9 tips to get the most out of your mobile battery

9 tips to get the most out of your mobile battery

Tech December 3, 2015 14:45

- It is extremely annoying to find that your smartphone, tablet or laptop faster deflating than expected. In this article we give you solutions to save your battery when there's no power outlet nearby. Also read you what you should consider if you want to buy an external battery.

Tip 01: Power Management If you want to optimize a Windows 8 or Windows 10 laptop for use without power, it is useful to look first look at the PC settings. The starting point is the Hardware and Sound / Power Options in the Control Panel menu. Here you see the different power schemes to your laptop offers. If you want to see more options, click Show additional plans. You can select one of the schedules, but if you want to determine the battery settings yourself, select Text Change plan settings behind one of the options. Important are the settings under On battery: Choose how long you want it takes for the computer to sleep mode when the display is to be switched off. A shorter time allows for longer battery life. For additional settings, click Change advanced power settings. Here you can adjust each part when something needs to be turned off. However, click Hard Disk / Hard disk after off / on battery and choose instance for a few minutes, this has no effect if you have an SSD drive. A greater impact on your battery using the USB setting Settings / Settings for USB selective suspend. If you enable this, there will be no standard flow are routed to the USB ports. Only when a USB cable is plugged into it, there comes power. Finish by clicking OK. Tip 01 Find the power settings on your laptop. Tip 02: Picture Screened largest stroomvreter of your laptop's screen, so make sure that it is not at its brightest when you're working on your battery. You can in the menu of the previous tip Enable Display / Adaptive Brightness / On switch off battery. This is especially useful if you work outside in the sun. With the setting on your screen in a bright environment will always be at his sharpest stand. If you disable this, you can regulate the brightness of your screen. A screen saver you currently do not need, so make sure it is turned off. You do this in the Change in Control Panel Appearance and Personalization / Personal Settings / Screen Saver. Under Screen Saver, select None. Other batterijvreters the mobile communication options such as wifi and bluetooth. This put you off by pressing the Windows key and Change Settings / PC Settings, click. Go to Wireless and slide the rear WiFi or Bluetooth. Obviously you must ensure that Windows has installed the latest updates, sometimes optimize battery settings here. Tip 02 Make sure you have a screen saver enabled. Mac on the Mac you can find a similar menu if you click on System Preferences / Energy Saver, but without many of the settings you have in Windows. Choose the battery and slide the computer under Hibernate tab as low as possible. The same applies to Hibernate screen. You can optionally check for a Put hard disk snooze if possible, but do not do this if you have for example a film're watching or music listening. On the Mac, you do not have as many options as in Windows. Tip 03: Mobile apparat mandatory rules that apply to a laptop, also apply to smartphones and tablets. Again, the communication options and your screen is the biggest culprit in the emptying of your battery. On an iPhone or iPad, swipe up with your finger to transform the control panel appear. Here you can either adjust the brightness or disable bluetooth or wifi. Go be sure to Settings / Display and Brightness and set Auto-off to. In Android, go to Settings / Device / Display. At brightness level you move the slider to the left. It is convenient to turn off the option Customizable brightness. Tip 04 check which apps you use the most battery. Tip 04: iPhone and iPadEr includes a number of specific options in iOS to save your battery. Go to Settings / iTunes and App Store and turn automatic downloads off the option. Under Settings / General / Refresh apps in background, you can also turn off the slide better. You can also selectively disable specific apps. As some apps always determine your location, you can also fast battery drain. Location Services put you off by tapping on Settings / Privacy for Location Services and turn off the slide. Want to know why the battery in your iPhone or iPad so quickly runs out? Go to Settings / General / Usage and tap Battery use. Under the heading Battery Use your percentages see which apps the last 24 hours have made the most claim to the battery. Tip 05: AndroidAls you a Samsung, have Motorola or HTC device, chances are that it has an AMOLED screen. Only colored pixels are illuminated on an AMOLED screen. If you arrange for a black background, then at these shields your battery less quickly. If you can change the background of an app, then adjust it as dark as possible. Unlike an iPhone you can install another battery in some Android devices themselves (eg to replace an aging and minde rgoed performing battery in this way. Make sure you buy an original battery or inquire in advance about the quality of a counterfeit battery. A bad battery can ensure that your battery draining much faster or even damage your smartphone or tablet. In Android, you can disable location services, you do this under Settings / Location Services, the location of this option in your Android device elsewhere appear in the menu Tip 06 The app Battery Doctor can help to optimize the use of your battery Tip 06:.. Apps and softwareEr are countless apps for both Android and iOS available to battery-saving measures to be right out of an app do. A good choice Battery Doctor, in the Google Play Store this app called Battery Doctor (Battery Saver). With this app you can switch off several things at once. For Windows, the Battery Care program a handy tool. You can see at a glance how much time you can work with your battery and what is the current capacity of the battery. As your battery charges and discharges, namely the capacity will not be as good as when you purchase your laptop. Different settings you change from the software. Install on your Mac, you can coconut battery, this app tells you exactly what is the current capacity of your battery. OpladenAls your smartphone or tablet to charge faster, then it's a good idea to turn off your device while charging. If this is not possible, the device turn on airplane mode. In this way, use your smartphone or tablet as little power as possible and load faster. Also dimming your screen and helps of course you should not do processor-intensive things on your device. Tip 07: Connecting Smartphones, tablets and laptops can make several ways to connect to other devices or networks. These connections are not always used, but can be a drain on your battery. See why well what connections you really need and disable the rest (temporarily). One of the power guzzlers is your Internet connection. Wifi and 3G or 4G both consume a significant portion of your battery. Of course you do need them to access the Internet, but if you're struggling with a low battery, it can be useful to turn off the links. Also the location GPS connection is a real-scale consumer. The same applies to a lesser extent for Bluetooth and NFC. All of these compounds are set out in the settings menu of your device or via the quick settings on iOS and Android. You want everything in one fell swoop off, the airplane mode is a good solution. Tip 07 Using the Quick Settings you can on and off connections. Tip 08: App-instellingenHet worth even a round to do along the fields and each app looks at how much you need their information. For example you can push the feature for your mail apps or disable the refresh rate set so that the app is not constantly online, but occasionally glancing if there happened something new. The same can be done for messaging apps that you used less or some new apps. Apps like Facebook and Instagram have to have a habit of constantly running in the background. That too is not in favor of your battery life. In the settings menu of your smartphone or tablet, you can adjust the automatic up-to-date by app. Keep in mind that in this way you will also receive no more notifications. Tip 08 Apps like Instagram consume energy even when you are not using them, Tip 09: External batterijenAls you with all of these tips are still not satisfied with the capacity of your battery in your smartphone or tablet, you can also look at a external battery, also called power bank. The key to an external battery is the payload, this is indicated in mAh, or milliamp-hours. IPhone's battery 6 has a capacity of 1810 mAh and lasts a day with normal use. A tablet like the Samsung Galaxy Tab S has a battery of 7900 mAh, but also lasts about a day. Obviously, because the screen of a tablet requires much more energy than the screen of a smartphone. Once you know which devices you want to charge an external battery, it is easier to make a good choice. A simple calculation shows that your 2000 with an external battery mAh have enough to double the usage time of your iPhone, but the tablet does not have a lot of winners. Besides the power you should also think about the number of amperes. Each USB connection to an external battery is five volts, but at most inexpensive batteries, the connector provides only one ampere. To quickly load a tablet, you need a connection of 2.1 amperes. Often, this is indicated on the battery 2. 5V 1A: 5 volts 2.1 amps. A device that accepts only one amp, you can actually connect just fine on a 2,1A port throughput is automatically reduced to 1A. Tip 09 An external battery with two USB connections. External Battery for overlaps successive external battery for your laptop is also possible, but here you must have a special battery to which you can connect to your laptop. Often such batteries have 12, 16 and 19volt connections. Verify works for purchase or powerbank with your laptop. This power bank has a load capacity of up to 26. 000 mAh and has several connections. This article is brought to you by Total Computer. nl

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