50,000 people evacuated to bomb bombs

50,000 people evacuated to bomb bombs

World May 7, 2017 06:18

hannover - 50,000 inhabitants of the German city of Hanover must leave house and fire on Sunday because bombs from the Second World War must be made harmless.

During construction work, thirteen blind gangs have recently been discovered. Starting from noon, cleaning will start. In the early morning, the inhabitants must have made themselves out of their feet. Many residents have left the city on Friday and spend the weekend elsewhere.

Public transport in, and train traffic to and from the city come to a halt. Residents are entertained elsewhere in the city with music, sports, culture and an extensive program for the children. It is expected to take place until Sunday evening.

It is the second largest evacuation due to the discovery of bombs in Germany since the Second World War. In December 2016, 54,000 people were to be evacuated in the city of Augsburg after the discovery of sharp bombs.

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