18-year-old Muslim kills respectless neonazi's

18-year-old Muslim kills respectless neonazi's

World May 22, 2017 22:24

tampa - An eighteen-year-old boy killed two friends from the neonazi environment in the U.S. city of Tampa (Florida) because they did not respect his conversion to Islam. According to the Tampa Bay Times suspect, the suspect declared the police on Monday. He also felt attracted to right-extremist thinking, but took a distance when he discovered the Qur'an and became a Muslim.

The young man, named in the United States media Devon Arthurs, said to be angry about the prejudices that exist in the world about Islamic believers. He wanted to 'pay attention to his concern about a hostage action', according to a police spokesman. 'He wanted CNN to come. ''

The reporter held three people on a Friday night in a store and called for 'the American bombings in Muslim countries.' He told the hostages to have experience with killing but eventually handed over to the police without violence.

In the house he shared with the victims, their bodies were found, but also material for bombing and a framed portrait of right-wing extremist Timothy McVeigh. In 1995, they attacked a government building in Oklahoma City that required 168 lives.

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