15 tips to clean up your PC

15 tips to clean up your PC

Tech August 2, 2016 06:57

- Summer is the time to take a good look at your PC or laptop, to optimize them, more secure and clean up. During the holidays you might have some free time to achieve all these goals.

If you have an SSD in your PC, it may be that some disk space is scarce. Windows has a built-in program to free up disk space, namely Disk Cleanup that you can find in the start menu. This tool removes temporary Windows files and remaining Windows updates. If you can have just upgraded to Windows 10, the earlier version of Windows remains standing and it will soon tens of gigabytes of space.

To clear the previous Windows installation (but you must be sure that you do not want to return), click Clean up system files. If you still have disk space shortage, it's time to see where all the disk space is gone. Then a tool like WinDirStat comes into play. WinDirStat scans a hard drive and shows exactly which files are consuming the most space. With one click, you go to the folder and you can make short work of any unnecessary files.
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In summer the temperatures are always higher. That means if your PC or laptop is used intensively, it is faster warmer. The fan may not work properly do its job if it is completely covered in dust. To blow away the dust, you buy a can of compressed air, you screw the sides of the computer and blow your carefully the dust of your CPU, GPU and fan away. Do you want to permanently less dust than helping the PC can be placed on your desk. On the ground, namely that collects more dust.

Some laptops can also get rid of dust, only it is often more difficult to take them apart. Then you point the compressed air on the fan holes and blow out the fan as clean as possible. Sometimes it is possible for a laptop to unscrew the keyboard so that you have access to the motherboard with all the trimmings. How exactly do, vary from laptop. Then you can put the laptop a lot better cleaning, in the same way as in the PC.

Our keyboards collect a lot of bacteria. Of hygiene absolutely no harm to make it a good clean. For your keyboard it is also possible to use compressed air to blow away the dust between the keys. But the dirt on the keys themselves are a bit less easy road. For this you can use a cotton swab and rubbing alcohol. Make sure you have previously disconnected the keyboard of the computer and (if applicable), the batteries have been removed. Possibly you would all keys one by one can extract (or just the most dirty) and then add in the cutlery basket of the dishwasher. Whether you buy a new one and throw the old road, which is also natural. For your mouse is the same: use some alcohol on a cotton swab to clean it and make sure the mouse is unplugged before you start.

Tip 03 Use a screwdriver seesaw as you like all the keys to clean. Make advance possibly even a picture so that you know where all the keys hear back.

The computer desktop is by many as a dumping ground for the most arbitrary files. That can be a big source of stress, because it is not the most restful image that you see when you turn on your computer. For a good mood can help clean up the desktop once sharply. For example, it has been helping to categorize all the files on your desktop into a number of folders. Useful software, such as DropIt can automatically move files based on defined rules, such as file type.

You download and install it from their website (see below). Make DropIt English by right-clicking on the icon middle floats on your screen and selecting Languages ​​/ Dutch. Go in the same menu to Associations and click the plus. You can now set a rule to move files. Give the rule a name and specify the conditions required for the rule. Want instance move all the documents to the Documents folder, then enter *. doc; *. docx, *. odt in. Action lets you get up and move the target directory is Documents. Click Save, then click the checkmark. Set DropIt to automatically keep your desktop in mind: go to Options / Monitor, and select the Enable scan or monitored folders, click Add and add the Desktop folder.

Tip 04 An example of a rule that filters all the documents from your desktop into the Documents folder.

You can even clean up so tidy your desk and your desktop on your PC, all the cables, adapters and power strips behind and under your desk are also an eyesore. It usually does not like, such a tangle of cables. Fortunately there is a solution in the form of a cable box. A handy cable box example, the CableBox Blue Lounge, with a single access point where all cables can and one starting point for the power cord into the outlet. There is also a smaller version, the Mini CableBox. If you look just at IKEA. Then you can nicely combine the cables, for example, a tiewrap. That looks a lot more restful and especially neater.

Tip 05 A junction box can bring peace under your desk.

Nothing more annoying than duplicate files on your computer. Without that you've been through, that could swallow up a lot of disk space. A handy program to detect duplicate files, for example, dupeGuru that free and open source for all platforms available. Dupe Guru scans your disk for duplicate files by matching file names or file names that are very similar. It is also possible to scan the contents of files. If they match exactly, there has been a duplicate. Such scans content take a lot longer than the scanning of file names. That is something you all can specify the preferences of dupeGuru. There is also a special music version of the program available (Music Edition) which also reads metadata of music files and so find duplicates. The same applies to plates with the dupeGuru Picture Edition.

An essential part of summer cleaning is to remove software that you never use. To do this go to Start / Control Panel and click Remove Programs. The list of installed software is displayed. Scroll through the list and see what you never used. If you do not recognize some programs, run them once to see for sure whether there will still ring a bell. Are you sure you want to remove the software, click it in the list of installed programs and select Remove.

Walk through the wizard to remove the program. Good riddance, or so you would think. Unfortunately leaves removed software sometimes still some traces. A tool that can help Revo Uninstaller is this: there is a paid Pro version, but also a free version (found via their website Downloads menu). Revo Uninstaller scans after removing what else is left, so you can then clean up the remnants nice. After installing open the main screen. Select a program to remove from the list and click the Uninstall. Select Yes and click Next. The standard way, Average, is fine. After completing the analysis, the actual removal wizard appears on the program itself. Go through this. Click afterwards in Revo Uninstaller again twice on Next. You will see everything that is left, and delete it.

Tip 07 Revo Uninstaller helps the removal process and ensures that absolutely everything is gone.

Even with an SSD it at some PCs may still take some time before it is completely booted and is usable after the desktop is visible. That's because of the many startup processes that collected the PC over time and slow startup. Many of these processes do not need, however, and so it is a shame that you have to wait there so long. Windows 8 and above can easily manage what is and is not it start using Windows Task Manager.

You can open Task Manager by right-clicking on the Windows taskbar and select Start Task Manager or Task Manager. Then go to the Startup tab and you'll see a list of everything that is loaded after you have registered on Windows. See that tab does not? Click on first down details after the full task management becomes visible. But few in the list of startup processes really need. Click a process, and then click Disable to make sure it does not start anymore. Not sure if a particular process or not convenient to start automatically? Looking for the name on Google and read what other users say about it.

PC and laptop manufacturers supply new hardware still pre-installed with lots of junk. Trial versions of McAfee, Norton and Microsoft Office, and of course their own manufacturer's software that slows down your PC and is not necessarily useful. With PC Decrapifier make short work of this type of software at once. PC Decrapifier will scan your laptop or PC, identifies the installed crapware and remove it. After downloading click Analyze, and then your computer is identified and installed crapware is visible in the list. Recommended by state software is recommended to remove. You check everything you want to do away with, click Remove Selected, and then click Begin Removal Now to remove the software permanently from your new PC or laptop. After a restart will all work a lot better.

Tip 09 The PC Decrapifier identify your model system and indicates which programs are recommended to remove.

A good upgrade for your PC to improve performance is to place more memory. Especially if you have 4 GB or less, it may help some to add extra RAM. You check whether you need more RAM to open Task Manager and see how many GB is available yet from your internal memory. You go to the Performance tab and click Memory. Next there is Available at how much is still available. Is that very few, consider an upgrade. You see if an upgrade is possible when used slots. If there is a free slot, a memory module may at. There is nothing free, then you might consider changing your current modules. You can see above the number of slots the speed, the frequency at which the RAM works. This is important, as well as the shape factor. You already have a module of 8GB DDR3 at 1600 MHz (which will work fine in many PCs) for between thirty and forty euros. Note: Some systems place or replace the memory modules in sets of two.

Have you removed all unnecessary programs from your PC, but will give them or are very slow, it is the last resort to perform a clean installation of the PC. In Windows 10 is to carry out a clean installation very simple. Before you begin, you have already some drivers are ready, for soon after installation. These can be found on the system manufacturer's website. Now click the Start button and choose Settings. Then go to Update and security, and select System Restore. Click on this PC again Getting Started. It may be that Windows 10 requires recovery media: it can get here with a Microsoft utility. Windows then asks what you want to keep. Often it is convenient to choose retain my files. Therewith apps and programs or simply deleted.

Tip 11 Windows 10 is so performed a clean installation, freeing up fast and as well as have new PC.

If you want to put Windows 10 into their own hands, then the tool Ultimate Windows Tweaker very convenient. You can download the tool from The Windows Club and run immediately, installation is not necessary. After starting the first to create a system restore point so you can so lose any mismatches. Click OK when that happens. On the main page you can easily restore your PC or solve common problems such as System File Checker Utility or Repair Windows System Image. At Customization can dig deep into Windows. So you can remove the Action Center icon in the taskbar, disable Aero Snap off the lock. Other useful options are listed at Security amp; Privacy, where for example, you can turn all the Windows Store, Windows Defender can turn off (something later in Windows 10 Home can not simply more) and much more.

Tip 12 Ultimate Windows Tweaker gives you a lot of options in Windows that you normally can not change.

Windows must still do without package manager like included in a Linux distribution. This allows the installation of all the software one of the most frustrating tasks when setting up a new PC or laptop. Ninite The program helps with this. By visiting the website, you can check what software you'd like to have on your computer. Ninite offers a wide choice of browsers, media players, chat apps, cloud services, handy tools and more.

You check everything that you want and click on the bottom of Get Your Ninite. You are offered an executable file. Click after Ninite will download and install any software just checked. You need to do anything and will not be bothered with installation wizards or other questions. Ninite automatically check any toolbars or other offers, so that you do not bother you. Also, programs are automatically installed in the language of your operating system, if available, of course. Then you can quickly get started with your brand new laptop or PC.

Nothing is as important as making good backups. A good backup is one that you can easily access, which is made regularly and where everything is clearly available. In Windows, you have several ways of making backups. One of those ways is Windows File History, you turn on via Settings / Update and Security / Backup. Another option is for Windows to create an image or disk image of your Windows installation with Windows Backup. Unfortunately, Windows Backup is not so reliable. Good and convenient alternatives EASEUS Todo Backup Free or Paragon Backup Recovery Free. Both create a free image of your PC. If Windows crashes or stops working, you have as the last working installation put back and you can continue where you left off.

Tip 14 With EASEUS Todo Backup you make as a disk image, which you can easily restore the PC.

If you want to stay this summer, you can become a beta tester for any platform engaged. Both Microsoft, Google and Apple have an ongoing beta program is open to everyone, for both their mobile and desktop operating systems.

Microsoft can be windows insider, after which your PC is automatically upgraded to a new Windows 10-test version. Apple is the same and you can iOS or OS X upgrade to the next version. Google's Android Beta Program available with which you can test N Android on Nexus devices. If you go to the website listed below, you must moreover sign in with your Google Account.

Even in Chrome OS, it is possible to switch over to the beta channel. You do this by going to the settings and choose About Chrome OS / Learn more. Then click Change Channel and choose for Beta channel. But be prepared for crashes and problems. And take the app developers do not blame if an app not working on a beta platform.

Tip 15 In Windows, this is the place where you can see whether you receive Windows trails.

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