15 apps to get fit using your smartphone

15 apps to get fit using your smartphone

Tech April 15, 2016 11:28

- Summer is coming, so it's time to once again exercise. You can of course register with the gym and spend tens of euros per month, but with a few good apps on your smartphone (and optionally some fresh air) you quickly get fit.

Android / iOS Price: Free (+ in-app purchases)

Strava is one of the best apps to use while running. Before you can use the app, log in with your email address or your Facebook account. Once you tap the Record button, you can choose the top left if you want to track a jogging or cycling. To motivate you, you can participate in the app challenges. This is very nice, for example, need friends to meet the same challenges. The premium version of Strava costs 5.99 euros per month, this will get training plans and additional analysis capabilities.

RunKeeper will help you to set clear goals.

Android / iOS Price: Free (+ in-app purchases)

RunKeeper is with runtastic major competitor of Strava. The app is built around the same, but the fun of RunKeeper is that you can easily create goals for yourself, the app can help. Want to lose weight for example, within a certain time five or ten kilos, you give it in the app and give it to achieve this goal, the app concrete help. Besides running are also to track other activities such as cycling, rowing and Nordic walking.

Android / iOS Price: Free (+ in-app purchase)

If you want something more serious with running started, the C25K app is a great app. C25K stands for 'Couch to (2) 5 km. The app will therefore help you to get off the couch and be able to run five kilometers. He offers you the perfect preparation for your first 5-kilometer endurance. All you have to do is follow the instructions in the app. It is intended that runs three times a week, after eight weeks, you're ready to run five kilometers row. Each session lasts 30 to 40 minutes.

Fitocracy explains certain terms that are common in fitness apps.

Android / iOS Price: Free (+ in-app purchases)

Are you not like running and go rather with weights to get started? Fitocracy very focused on the social aspect of sports and get to every session that you complete a number of points. The app allows you to add yourself to groups and battle with members of this group. The terms are often passed in the app are explained happy, very useful if you are a beginner. Fitocracy moreover looks very good and for each exercise is a video available that you can consult at any time by swiping upwards.

Android / iOS Price: Free (+ in-app purchases)

Jefit is a comprehensive app with a lot of different workout exercises. Before you begin, it is useful to fill in your details so that the app can give you a targeted training. The app is a bit confusing and not as intuitive as the competition, but it's great that there are so many free exercises in the app. Each exercise has a description and a number of images, so you can perfectly perform the exercise. You can also create your own sessions.

Android Price: Free

Google Fit is only available for Android. With this app you can track your movements. First you enter your weight, height and age. Once you start moving, Google Fit knows what kind of movement it is and it will display using the sensors in the smart phone how many calories you've burned for example. You can connect external sensors and apps on Google Fit for detailed measurements and reports. Moreover, Apple has a similar service, the Health app is built-in iOS.

Android / iOS Price: Free (+ in-app purchases)

Not everyone feels like a long workout, this app can be a godsend. The app 7 Minute Workout (see Android) assumes that you can free up seven minutes every day for a few exercises. Because the app sends your messages will encourage you to take a little time each day to exercise for several minutes. You can choose whether you want to do a full-body workout or just want to train a certain part of your body. The app is a great way to get back into a rhythm sport.

The app shows clearly what exercise you do and how long.

Android / iOS Price: Free (+ in-app purchases)

Runtastic has a good running app, similar to RunKeeper and Strava. However, the makers have even more apps: Sixpack example, based purely on training your abs. The app consists of three programs, you must first fully completed the first ten-day program. Every day you should do about ten to twenty minutes of exercises, these are all described very clearly in the app. An upgrade to the full version costs 4.99 euros and provides more workout options and training programs. All exercises can you look at the app and after your workout.

Runtastic Six Pack delivers clear training videos.

Android / iOS Price: Free (+ in-app purchases)

Sworkit is a complete workout app with incredible features. You can not only do strength training with the app, Sworkit also gives a lot of stretch tips and has a lot of yoga programs on board. Through videos you how to perfectly perform the exercise and a friendly voice guiding you to the next exercise. Sworkit a reward in the form of medals that you can share on your social media accounts. After a session also gives the app how many calories you've burned.

Android / iOS Price: Free (+ in-app purchases)

Strong Lifts 5x5 is an app that is specifically designed for people who want to focus on strength training. First, enter your age, weight and height to tell how much weight you can lift now a fitness component. The app then shows you what weight per part to begin. Strong Lifts 5x5 is a kind note app where you enter whether you have actually achieved the set goals. Be the app is best used to supplement your gym subscription, you will always be challenged to train with more weight.

Android / iOS Price: € 2.99

Fit is not only to do with lifting weights or running, whether flexibility is important. And how do you train it better than some daily yoga exercises? Pocket Yoga is a handy app that offers five different programs, each with dozens of poses. For each program, you can adjust the time and tell it whether you are beginner or advanced. If you want to know more about the poses, you can all the poses plus a description for or look after your workout. Sorry, you can not compose your programs.

Android / iOS Price: Free (+ in-app purchases)

To use the app, Daily Yoga, you must register via email or Facebook. Conveniently, you can see every pose an informative video, this is often much clearer than a text statement. The app has a few free programs, but if you want to get everything out of the app, you have access to all programs for 7.99 euros per month. This is a major investment, but you do have access to clear instructions and great yoga exercises. The free version has occasional moreover occasionally annoying commercials.

The video tutorials are useful if you want to perform a pose properly.

iOS Price: Free (+ in-app purchases)

FitStar Yoga is a very slick app with beautiful videos and voice instructions. During poses you will be motivated to carry out the pose correctly and afterwards you can indicate how difficult was the pose for you. Only downside is that the app pretty much floor space on your smartphone, a session can be as a few hundred megabytes in size. Unfortunately, the yoga app is available for iOS. FitStar also has a workout app that is similar in style and also available for Android.

FitStar Yoga would like to know if the pose was difficult for you.

Android / iOS Price: Free

If you are pregnant, you can not do all the normal exercises. Fortunately there is a good app (also available for Android) for pregnant women. Choose what stage of pregnancy you are. Each stage you have one free session. If you want access to the other four, then you should upgrade to the full version for 2.99 euros. You can exercise by seeing how to implement it, but by the simple design, this is sometimes difficult to see. The free version has advertising bottom.

Choose in which trimester you are in your pregnancy and start training.

Android / iOS Price: Free (+ in-app purchases)

Just a different approach to fitness. Zombies, Run! is a game that you play by running or walking in the real world. You're listening to the story on your headphones and you hear when you have to run for zombies or when other monsters coming at you. Through the game element you forget sometimes that you're exercising and you'll playfully fitter. The app has other sessions such as interval training on board.

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