12 tips for buying and selling used hardware

12 tips for buying and selling used hardware

Tech May 17, 2016 13:57

- There are many places where you can buy or sell used hardware. In this article we will discuss the best thrift stores, auction and advertisement sites and give tips for selling and buying used hardware.

A question that you will definitely get into the thrift store, what you have to price in mind. The trader can thus assess what kind of meat he's in the cockpit and see immediately whether you have any idea about what you are selling. The price you may hold in a thrift shop for a product, it is about two-thirds of the sales in market. Do not look directly at the asking prices, but the prices offered by a product.

If the bids are on a particular graphics card on Ebay Marketplace or an average of 100 euros, the same card at the store will generate about 65 euros. Eventually you can on the website www. gadget value. com also seek an indication of the value. Traders use different tricks to get more out of the price, do not be too quick confuse you. The competition between stores is large, so if one store does too little for one product, you can also go to the other. While your at the thrift store or less get back to your old laptop, computer or phone, it saves a lot of hassle by auction or sales site. You walk without worries with a full portfolio from the store.
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Buying second-hand goods in a shop, also has many advantages over a sale between private parties. As a thrift store gives a guarantee on all its products. The CeX even gives two years warranty on almost all electronics. Many other stores keep a warranty of one to three months. As a rule, you are entitled to a proper product. This rule also applies to second-hand products.

Make the seller clear agreements and do not agree with one month warranty on expensive products. A computer from a few hundred euros, even if it is used, however, would at least six months without problems to work. Let this possibly be listed on the invoice. The price is negotiable in many two-hand stores. Especially with products that occupy much space as large desktops, monitors or complete sound systems. Premises costs money and the shopkeeper is great stuff lost it as quickly as possible. Before you knock row, you can search the Internet what does a new product and market (which is also on your smartphone spot). Consider a few good arguments to gain control of the game.

CeX was originally incorporated in England and the store is expanding rapidly in recent years from all over the world. In the Netherlands there are already fourteen CeX branches. The CeX buys and sells media like DVDs, Blu-ray and games. You can also go there for modern electronics, game consoles, computers and computer hardware and all the accessories that come with it. They have display cases full of hard drives, memory modules, video cards and controllers. Prices CeX are predetermined.

On the CeX website you can see exactly what a product costs and what it brings. There is a product on the website, then it can not be swallowed. The employee must then at a CeX office in India submitted a request. India is the price. Sometimes this is arranged within ten minutes, but it can take several hours. This makes the prices at the CeX are not negotiable. The prices do fluctuate day by day. If many of a product is in stock, the price will be adjusted accordingly. So you can sometimes find very good bargains at the CeX, but disturbing at the same time prices that are higher than the original price. The biggest plus of the CeX is the guarantee: in almost all electronics you get two-year warranty. So you can simply swap an old smartphone to a laptop with two years warranty!

CeX has a huge range of media and electronics.

At Used Products they have a wider range than in CeX. In this shop they buy and sell sustainable products used. So you will not only find computers and electronics, but also bicycles, musical instruments and televisions. In the provision of second-hand goods is determined price by the employees. The price is often negotiable, especially if you want to buy a product. The store gives a standard month warranty on products sold second hand. Online you will find Used Products back too. The website contains a large part of the range of all 56 branches. Also on Marketplace. en Used Products is active. Online, the price is often negotiable. Please note that you are really the shop to negotiate, there are clever criminals who misuse the name to win your trust. If in doubt, always call the branch.

At Used Products you find sustainable second-hand goods.

Can still find a place where you fun stuff, the thrift store. You'll find mostly goods not purchased by thrift stores. Although it often is about old hardware, this is the place for collectors to score something fun. Old still working computers, expansion cards, and of course, cables (usb to power) are often for pennies for the taking. The unusable items are separated in the circuit. Electronic devices are stripped so plastic, metal and chemical waste all disappear at another depot and recycling. If you want from your computer and can not lose at the thrift store to him, this is a great alternative. Remember the hard drive with a program like KillDisk completely erase that personal data can not be recovered.

Ads with a clear picture to be viewed more frequently and items are sold quickly. A good ad was taken from a proper distance and a proper exposure. Preferably make the pictures in daylight. Optionally, you can lay a white sheet under small stuff. You can also accentuate the features of the product. A motherboard example, you can create an additional picture of the ports on the back.

Additional information and a tape measure under a large graphics card, a buyer shows directly that the card fits into its chassis. Try to fall on the main picture, as a sniffer can find the product quickly. For example, use a different color background or take a picture of yourself with the product. Be alert during shooting or serial numbers and product keys. This could be abused and you better hide. In making this product Product photos for Marketplace you can see step by step how to create a perfect picture.

And explanations are almost as important as a photograph. Always describe how long you have used the product and why you want it off. Find the specifications of the product and make you a story outline. Texts as 'the expert knows what it's worth' or 'specifications you find on Google,' ensuring that an interested continues searching.

If a product needs to be sent, you can pay the best deal through PayPal. PayPal provides purchase protection so that the buyer and seller are assured of proper handling. The product is not delivered or deviates too strongly from the ad, then the buyer can file a claim and reclaim the money. As a seller, you are also insured through PayPal. For the seller to qualify, then you have the proof of shipment. Not everything is covered through PayPal seller protection covers only transactions sent by post, physical and tangible objects. However, PayPal will cover the total cost, including the shipping or return costs.

Through PayPal you covered with a purchase protection.

The largest percentage of trade over the internet goes well. Yet it is important that you are on your guard. Never be over the internet too trusting. Do not let any interested ease to know that you at six o'clock comes home from work. Via Marketplace or Facebook can often see someone with a click where you live. Unfortunately, it is at Marketplace not possible to use an area code. Your house is so found and burglars eagerly take advantage of. Doubt you as a buyer to the seller, you can check the details to the police. It does not hurt to introduce a bank account, name or email address on Google or even look at www. opgeletopinternet. viz. As a buyer you alongside rights also have obligations. So you're a criminal offense if you buy stolen goods and you did pull the short straw if you do good research on the product you want to buy.

The relatively young company Catawiki wins with rapidly the world. The company began in 2008 with the publication of catalogs collector. Only in 2011 Catawiki began with online auctions. Meanwhile, the Internet company from Assen also in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, and Chinese are available. It is the fastest growing auction house in Europe. Catawiki is an expert in the service area for each field that guides all auctions. The auctioneer will assess the offered lots and ensures that the quality of the auctions remains high.

Catawiki also arranges so-called theme auctions that focus on a product or topic. This attracts even more interested collectors, which increases the chance of a higher bid. Buyers and sellers pay a commission of 12.5 percent excluding VAT on the amount at which an item is auctioned. In return Catawiki manages the money until the sale is completed successfully. For products with a high value can be set a minimum price. Catawiki auction only products that have minimal anticipated yield of 75 euros. The auctioneer predetermined value and can advise on the sale of a product.

With Catawiki even your old laptop soon hundreds of euros worth.

Marketplace. en needs no introduction anymore. 350. With an average of 000 new ads and almost one and a half million visitors a day, is the most popular trading site in the Netherlands. Still begin many commercial ads, annoying dealers and so-called 'fake bidders' to overshadow the website. It is becoming increasingly difficult to find a private ad and if there is, there are many users who ultimately did not pick a product. The website remains capable to offer you modern equipment. iPhone, tablet or laptop beautiful, you are often quickly lost through Marketplace. To collect true worth over 75 euros you can now go better with Catawiki.

Market is still the largest advertising website in the Netherlands.

eBay is in the Netherlands for the sale of used goods less popular. Before buying goods from abroad, you can still use eBay well. So you can at www. ebay. com find not only American sellers, but also traders from China who offer for next to nothing new stuff. Selling second-hand goods via eBay. com also be interesting. For example, PC games in Netherlands not popular, but very popular in America. And that certainly applies to copies that are not released in America. A game like Queen: The eYe, can be found at the flea market in the Netherlands for 50 cents and do on eBay with ease by hand for 50 dollars. Check it out properly what the shipping costs to America. A registered parcel to America takes at PostNL for 26 euros.

On eBay. com or eBay. co. uk you'll find a lot more stuff than on eBay. viz.

Through Facebook, you also lose your old stuff. The advantage of the so-called Bulletin Boards is that they are mainly local. In most cases, people know each other and they live from a number of blocks to each other. It is true that some individuals create a special account for trade on Facebook and are therefore more difficult to control. It is up to the forum moderators or they tolerate this. A group on Facebook that you can find by typing in your neighborhood or city in the search box of Facebook. Facebook is a relatively new way to present things. Keep in mind that anything you put in a group, at least for all group members is public (and to a public group at all public), so many people can read it. So do not put in a comment that you are not home or place any personal information. Send someone a personal message if you want to share this kind of information.

Facebook groups you can find cool stuff, but please remember that everything you post is public.

The best-known trade website Netherlands: Marketplace. viz.

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