11 tips for your old smartphone or tablet

11 tips for your old smartphone or tablet

Tech July 5, 2016 12:09

- Almost everyone has an old smartphone or tablet that is currently substance is to happen in the house. Yet there are plenty of fun things that you, for example, an old iPhone, Galaxy Tab or HTC Tattoo can do. This article will give you some nice options.

The developments in smartphone and tablet-country move rapidly, and if you follow the trend of your subscription, you'll have every two years a new device in your hands. What to do with all your old electronics? Sell ​​or give away is an option, but there are lots of other handy things you can do with it.

Of course you do not necessarily have to use an old smartphone or tablet, you can also buy a simple tablet to perform a particular function. An Android tablet forty euros may not be the best choice to play games, but the digital clock you can use it just fine! If your smartphone or tablet is suitable for any tip given in this article depends very much on the specifications. Often you can install on very old machines no longer the latest versions of iOS or Android and this means that some apps will not run on here.
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Tip 01 An old Samsung smartphone you can use it well for different things in the house.

put your smartphone or tablet at the bedside, is not for everyone a good solution. You'll be too distracted and you may be tempted to go to sleep a bit 'to check your Facebook or watch a movie. An ancient tablet or smartphone can be used as a digital alarm clock. For example, you can build this into a container.

You can use the internal alarm function of your device, but there are also some interesting apps available that make your smartphone or tablet a night bell. Night Clock is a simple alarm clock app for Android. The app ensures that the screen remains as the app is running, of course, it is necessary that you have left your phone on the power. With a tap on the screen you can then set an alarm clock. A slightly more elaborate alarm make the app Nightstand Central. This app is available for iOS and offers next to the time display also options to fall asleep with noise or other sounds and wake you with your favorite music. Convenient is also that you can set the flashlight function of your iPhone is activated when you shake the device. Moreover, you can choose from different backgrounds and the app can even show the weather.

Tip 02 An iPhone with Nightstand Central is a beautiful clock. With a swipe down dim your screen.

Your smartphone or tablet can be a handy remote for your multimedia devices. The devices you want to control, must then have a bluetooth or wifi connection. Chromecast or Apple TV, you control easily with your iPhone or Android device via your Wi-Fi network with the appropriate apps Google or Apple. A great app for Android is SURE Universal Remote, this board can easily variety of devices in your home. You will however need a smartphone or tablet that has an IR blaster so it can communicate via infrared, as most devices have in your household an infrared receiver.

Smartphones with an IR blaster for example the Samsung Galaxy S4 and newer, and newer LG G2 and the HTC One M7 and newer. iPhones are unfortunately not equipped with an IR Blaster, for this you will need to purchase a separate accessory before you can control IR devices. There are a number of solutions, Peel Smart Remote is one of the best known. You must purchase a Pronto box for fifty dollars. Or Peel Smart Remote works with your home depends on your devices. Some users are very satisfied, others complain that some devices are not supported.

You can also hang on the wall in your living room an ancient tablet and use it as a digital clock. The Clocks is a fun app for your iPad with your tablet can also be used to display multiple time zones. For Android tablets Timely is a good choice. Cuter than a wall clock may be able to make your tablet a digital photo frame.

On the iPad, this feature was always default behavior, but Apple has this crazy enough removed. You now need to install a separate app, Picmatic- Digital Photo Frame is a good choice. This app also provides next pictures the time and can play music through sweeping motions. For Android tablets is Dayframe, an app that calls itself 'socially connected'. You can add photos from your Instagram feed, you let give Facebook profile or Flickr account. do from the app you also have the possibility to display pictures from other sources. Simply select one of the many subjects you offer Dayframe.

Tip 04 Dayframe is a digital photo frame app for Android.

Your smartphone or tablet is a great introduction to technology for your children. Of course it is not a good idea to let your children play with you any smartphone, which is why an old smartphone is a better option to donate to the children. The advantage is that you can block certain functions so that your children can not accidentally send messages or view certain Internet content. On an iOS device, go to Settings / General / Restrictions to block certain content and actions. For example, make sure that your children can do no in-app purchases, put the slide back Buy from apps.

Do you want your children to be able to visit certain websites, but no content view adult, tap on Web sites, select only specific websites and add a website to add on by tapping a website. On an Android device, install the best a separate app. Kids Place- Parental Control is a good choice, this allows you to set many restrictions before you give your smartphone or tablet to your child. In Android, you can lock a particular app so that your child can not switch to another app. To do this, go to Settings / Security / Pinning a screen and puts you on the slide. Tap the list button to view all your open apps, and navigate to the app you want to pin. Tap the pin and on the next screen check the box for Prompt for PIN before unpinning. \x3d 'Https: gt;

An older smartphone or tablet you can play some great games. If your new smartphone'd rather not muck with gigabytes of games, then you can decorate an old device for this purpose. Puzzle games and other simple games are great to play on your smartphone, but action games are better on the big screen.

With Chromecast or Apple TV, you can wirelessly stream course content to your TV, but for games this is usually not fast enough. An MHL adapter is a handy solution if you want to show your display from your smartphone on your TV. On the one hand you plug the USB connector on your smartphone and on the other side plug your HDMI plug into your television. For Apple products, you need a Lightning to HDMI adapter. These adapters are fifty euros or terribly expensive. Do you want your tablet totally make a game console, invest in a special enclosure where you can slide your tablet into. Often such cases are also buttons to control your games.

Tip 06 This case turns your iPad an old arcade drive.

A tablet can be a handy tool in the kitchen, for example, to display on your prescription, or to quickly amounts to convert to another unit. Do not you want your tablet is dirty, you can buy a separate pouch for screen from grease spatters and dirt protected. Of course there are special containers available for your tablet, some have a foot, for example, other models get onto your kitchen cabinets or mount in your refrigerator. Of course you can just look up websites for recipes, but there are also some good apps. Side Chef, yummly and Cookpad are tips for both Android and iOS.

Tip 07 yummly app is a useful recipe app.

There are many apps that you can see if it is good weather. Some apps, such as Simple Weather for Android and CARROT Weather focusing on simplicity, but other apps such as The Weather Channel and Weather Underground are packed with features. You can book your smartphone or tablet also a professional weather station by hanging accessories to it. In most cases this otherwise wirelessly. A smart product is Netatmo Weather Station.

This is an all-in-one product that in addition to the temperature and humidity can also measure the amount of particulate matter. Through the app you can see all the data on your tablet. The complete weather station Netatmo consists of an indoor and outdoor unit, but you can also buy separate modules, and expand your collection, for example, rain and wind gauges. Products Netatmo are not very cheap, the two basic modules cost you 170 euros. A cheaper option is the Weather Station ARCHOS. This set consists of three modules round and costs 80 euros. For indoor you have access to CO2, temperature, humidity and barometric pressure data. The outdoor sensor measures the temperature and humidity, soil meter then supplies the soil temperature and humidity.

Tip 08 This is one of the three modules that you get when you order an ARCHOS Weather Station.

Even if your old smartphone no perfect camera as surveillance is to use the device just fine. You have your smartphone in a holder and attach to the wall and hang him also on the power. Android is the app Salient Eye (Home Alarm Security System in the Play Store) available. Salient Eye is a webcam app, but detects movement through the camera. The app takes constant image from the camera, but does not save it. However, analyzes motion and if it detects this, it makes a lot of pictures. These will be sent to your email address and if you like, the app can play an obnoxious alarm. There's even an app available that you can install on any other smartphone. With this app you can remotely newly installed security camera smartphone. Salient Eye is currently only available for Android, we are working on an iOS version.

Your old smartphone can also be a good GPS tracker for your car, motorcycle or bicycle. Place the smartphone in a place where he does not stand out too much, for example, under the seat or in the overhead of your engine. Install the app Prey Anti-Theft on the smartphone and sign up for the service on this website. Because the GPS module into your smartphone broadcasting its location, you'll see on your computer where your smartphone is. Your smartphone must have over 3G / 4G connection to the Internet, but you can of course use an inexpensive prepaid internet bundle. To ensure that the battery too quickly runs out, you can hang an external battery for your smartphone. Remote, you can now track your car, motorcycle or bicycle, they should ever be stolen. More information can be found here.

Tip 10 The computer shows you where your old smartphone is.

If after reading all these tips still think your old smartphone or tablet can fulfill no function, you can still sell the thing through the familiar channels such as Marketplace, Speurders or eBay. If you do not have to necessarily receive money, consider donating your smartphone or tablet. Many agencies will be very happy with your old device. Through this website you can donate your old smartphone to a homeless person and via this link donate your smartphone to Unicef. Monkey Foundation also welcomes your old smartphone. For each returned mobile operating foundation receives 3 euros.

Tip 11 on the website of Brainscape donate your old smartphone to Unicef.

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