100th Four down by 42 557 runners

100th Four down by 42 557 runners

World July 22, 2016 19:00

- Exactly 42 557 walkers have finished the hundredth Four. There were 439 runners from Friday yet, which is pretty much the last day the festive entry in Nijmegen resolution.

The dropout rate is about double the years before the last country run, while the organization has extended the finish time at 18. 30 hours.

Mars Leader John William Stein, he said Friday, a,, very happy '' man. The high number of dropouts in this he Marches edition blames partly to the weather and partly to the fact that 5000 runners might do more than usual with, because of the anniversary of the hike.,, The hundredth has fixed more not lured trained participants, while here and there and was very busy on along the route. But given the mass of people had better not go. ''
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