• Bizarre Greek Easter tradition

    Bizarre Greek Easter tradition

    amsterdam April 17, 2017 08:51 Hot Recent News

    It's what search kneuterig less than decorate Easter eggs and branches. In Greece keep two rival churches traditionally a battle where fireworks by shooting each other home-made firework rockets.

  • Christians celebrate Easter weather in eastern Mosul

    Christians celebrate Easter weather in eastern Mosul

    mosul April 16, 2017 14:54 Hot Recent News

    Iraqi Christians in eastern Mosul for the first time in three years again Easter celebrate. Sunday morning rang the bells of dozens of churches. In the courtyard of a church in northern Mosul told a French aid agency after the Eucharist soda and colored eggs from hundreds of believers.

  • IS takes in Egypt Christians targeted

    IS takes in Egypt Christians targeted

    cairo April 9, 2017 20:33 Hot Recent News

    The terrorist group Islamic State (IS) on Sunday threatened shortly after two bloody suicide attacks on churches in northern Egypt with more violence against Christians. 'The crusaders and infidels to pay with the blood of their sons,' was a statement distributed by IS-channels. The statement mentioned two names were the perpetrators.

  • Egypt army to protect public buildings

    Egypt army to protect public buildings

    cairo April 9, 2017 18:15 Hot Recent News

    The Egyptian army to protect public buildings throughout the country. This President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi on Sunday decided after two bomb attacks on Christians in northern Egypt. In addition, more than forty people were killed and about 120 people injured.

  • 'Burglars for jihad cell

    'Burglars for jihad cell

    cologne January 30, 2017 18:00 Hot Recent News

    The presiding judge in Cologne on Monday eight men sentenced to multi-year prison terms for theft from churches. The booty they wanted to finance the armed struggle in Syria. The penalties ranged from two years and seven months to four years and ten months.

  • Less violence, but more pressure on Christians

    Less violence, but more pressure on Christians

    ermelo January 11, 2017 05:57 Hot Recent News

    Christians have to do with less 'visible' violence had last year than in 2015. Still, the pressure on them, government, family or environment. This enables the organization Open Doors, which on Wednesday for the 25th time the 'Christian Persecution Ranking 'publishes.

  • Pope closes Holy Door

    Pope closes Holy Door

    November 20, 2016 13:39 Hot Recent News

    Pope Francis on Sunday closed the Porta Sancta, the Holy Door of St. Peter's Basilica. This is an official end came the Year of Mercy. The Roman Catholic Church has since the beginning of the fourteenth century, once in a while a holy year, intended for inner renewal and deepening of the believers.

  • Churches million for Syria

    Churches million for Syria

    utrecht September 23, 2016 20:45 Hot Recent News

    Kerk in Actie has collected in one week more than 1 million to help the churches in the Middle East. That the aid organization of the Protestant Church in the Netherlands (PKN) announced Friday. The money is intended for assistance to refugees through churches in Syria and Lebanon. Providing food packages and shelter.

  • Hollande calls with Pope after attack

    Hollande calls with Pope after attack

    July 26, 2016 18:39 Hot Recent News

    French President Francois Hollande called after the murder of a priest Tuesday with the pope and promised to do everything to protect churches in France. If a priest is attacked a wound for the whole of France, Hollande said.

  • Record yield German church tax

    Record yield German church tax

    June 22, 2016 16:30 Hot Recent News

    It is the churches in Germany financially for the wind. The Catholic and the Lutheran church took last year a record amount of taxes on their members together nearly 11.5 billion euros. That made the German statistical office Wednesday publicized.

  • Baarn fights for David and Daniel

    Baarn fights for David and Daniel

    baarn April 12, 2016 12:35 Hot Recent News

    David (11) and Daniel (10) must be from the country, but that will be done over the body of residents of Baarn. The city comes to the rescue for the teenagers: 'Being Dutch boys, they love French fries and Coke.'

  • Pope visits Lesvos

    Pope visits Lesvos

    April 7, 2016 12:21 Hot Recent News

    Pope Francis will visit the Greek island of Lesbos refugees on April 16. The trip is intended to stabbing the migrants on the island a shot in the arm and another to settle on the island of the international attention, the Vatican announced Thursday.

  • 'Another terrorist attack in Turkey IS '

    'Another terrorist attack in Turkey IS '

    ankara March 26, 2016 18:49 Hot Recent News

    Turkish police takes into account possible new attacks IS on Easter Sunday. Police have citizens across the country warned that IS fighters have enabled targeting synagogues and churches. Also, consulates and embassies are possible targets.

  • Church Robber caught in Paris

    Church Robber caught in Paris

    March 8, 2016 17:21 Hot Recent News

    A Frenchman who made no secret of having a huge aversion to the church and the clergy, was arrested with his neighbor of stealing numerous objects from churches. French media reported Tuesday that the octogenarian thief was arrested in the Paris suburb of Bagneux, after he was identified with the help of specially installed surveillance cameras.

  • Pope and Patriarch meet in Havana

    Pope and Patriarch meet in Havana

    havana February 12, 2016 22:07 Hot Recent News

    Pope Francis and Patriarch Kirill greeted each Friday in Cuba. The two church leaders met at the airport in the Cuban capital Havana. In a thousand years, the leaders of the Roman Catholics and the Russian Orthodox conducted in person consultation.

  • Historical explanation Pope and Patriarch off

    Historical explanation Pope and Patriarch off

    moscow February 11, 2016 11:56 Hot Recent News

    The leaders of the Roman Catholic and Russian Orthodox churches, Pope Francis and Patriarch Kirill, has already drafted a joint statement of their historic meeting Friday. The church authorities in Moscow reported Thursday. There has to work late into the evening on Wednesday.

  • Tension rises in Iowa

    Tension rises in Iowa

    February 2, 2016 00:14 Hot Recent News

    US presidential candidates try to start in the last hours before the first primaries, even with all their might to persuade the people of Iowa to vote for them.

  • 'Christians under fire '

    'Christians under fire '

    amsterdam January 13, 2016 09:42 Hot Recent News

    The global persecution of Christians has increased dramatically last year. Violence against Christians in 2015 were approximately 7100 deaths, three thousand more than in 2014. The number of destroyed and damaged churches doubled last year to a total of 2 425 church buildings.

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