• Belgium foiled attack on fans

    Belgium foiled attack on fans

    brussels June 25, 2016 13:18 Hot Recent News

    A twenty terror suspect would themselves have to blow Sunday during the European Championship match against Belgium Hungary, in a place where a lot of fans would follow the match on a big screen. That the French television station RTL reported on its website. Special anti-terrorist units of the Belgian police have the man arrested in the night from Friday to Saturday.

  • All accesses stations Belgium reopen

    All accesses stations Belgium reopen

    brussels June 8, 2016 16:27 Hot Recent News

    All entrances to the train stations in Brussels, Antwerp and Liege are open again. After the terrorist attacks of March 22 in Brussels side entrances were closed for travelers to simplify security and not too much to burden the police and the army.

  • To 18 years required in terror trial Verviers

    To 18 years required in terror trial Verviers

    brussels May 19, 2016 15:15 Hot Recent News

    In the lawsuit surrounding the terrorist cell that was early last year rolled required by the Belgian Verviers Thursday hefty prison sentences. Against four prominent members who would like to carry out attacks in Belgium demanded the federal prosecutor prison sentences of 18, 16 and twice 15 years.

  • Weather problems Belgian air traffic

    Weather problems Belgian air traffic

    April 20, 2016 08:56 Hot Recent News

    Air traffic in Belgium Wednesday again confronted with problems that can not continue several flights. This time it is a lack of air traffic controllers. Charleroi Airport is the morning quarter past seven and half past eleven closed. That means a line through 23 departing and arriving flights.

  • Belgian civil servants go on strike

    brussels April 14, 2016 13:56 Hot Recent News

    Officials in Belgium are angry about forthcoming reforms of the labor market and pensions. They go next week campaigning and strike on April 26 for 24 hours. Which announced the socialist trade Thursday. It involves staff from numerous federal government departments.

  • 'Terrorist cell Verviers wanted to behead'

    'Terrorist cell Verviers wanted to behead'

    brussels April 6, 2016 07:14 Hot Recent News

    The terrorist cell that Belgian police early last year set foot in Verviers police wanted to behead people on webcam and send the images around the world. So says the Belgian Interior Minister Jan Jambon in a report of the
    BBC on Wednesday by the Belgian television channel
    VTM is emitted.

  • Angry truckers block roads

    Angry truckers block roads

    March 31, 2016 19:42 Hot Recent News

    In the French speaking part of Belgium have truck drivers with their trucks Thursday night blocked roads in protest against the introduction of a kilometer tax for heavy goods vehicles over 3.5 tonnes. According to one of the initiators of the action, Fabrice Ausloos be,, roads blocked at least until Friday morning. '

  • Brussels escapes attack by dog

    Brussels escapes attack by dog

    zaventem March 22, 2016 13:10 Hot Recent News

    They had other plans for the day then evacuated to the sports hall of Zaventem. Yet it was this morning where hundreds of stranded airline passengers had to make a forced stopover. They could process the first blow.

  • 'Belgian nuclear reactors miss Filters

    'Belgian nuclear reactors miss Filters

    March 11, 2016 12:31 Hot Recent News

    The controversial Belgian nuclear reactors in Tihange and Doel at the Dutch border, miss the German Government filter if high pressure must be reduced. This has the German Government in response to the Group of the Greens said in the Bundestag, the Rheinische Zeitung reported Friday.

  • Two arrests in raids Belgium

    Two arrests in raids Belgium

    brussels November 27, 2015 12:30 Hot Recent News

    When the raids in Belgium Thursday as part of the investigation into the terrorist attacks in Paris have arrested two persons. A is seen as a possible suspect, the other is a potential witness. That the federal prosecutor said Friday.

  • No arrest by police actions Belgium

    No arrest by police actions Belgium

    brussels November 26, 2015 19:15 Hot Recent News

    In the Walloon Auvelais and Verviers, the Belgian police carried out raids Thursday. No one was arrested, made the Belgian federal prosecutor in charge of investigating the terrorist attacks in Paris, known.

  • Strikes Liege ensure traffic chaos

    Strikes Liege ensure traffic chaos

    October 19, 2015 12:53 Hot Recent News

    The general strikes in Liege, Belgium care Monday morning for much traffic . Both train staff in the region as members of the socialist trade union ABVV strike Monday . There is virtually no drive trains and demonstrators blocked Monday also the E40 motorway at Herstal. Li├Ęge is virtually unattainable .

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