• Miners in gold mine saved South Africa

    Miners in gold mine saved South Africa

    johannesburg February 2, 2018 06:42 Hot Recent News

    The more than nine hundred miners who were stuck in a gold mine in the Free State province in South Africa since Thursday afternoon have been rescued. All miners have been brought to the top, the national miners union NUM has informed the news channel eNCA.

  • 100 school pupils injured in South Africa accident

    100 school pupils injured in South Africa accident

    johannesburg January 23, 2018 16:57 Hot Recent News

    Due to a collision of a school bus and a truck in South Africa, about one hundred school children were injured. There are slightly wounded and badly wounded, said a spokeswoman for the rescue workers. The truck driver was seriously injured, the condition of the bus driver was not information.

  • Death train accident South Africa to nineteen

    johannesburg January 6, 2018 17:24 Hot Recent News

    In the heavy train accident in South Africa, another four bodies were recovered. The death toll has therefore risen to nineteen, reported News24 on the basis of the authorities. Seventeen bodies have already been identified.

  • Parliament neglected South Africa around Zuma-rel

    johannesburg December 29, 2017 13:57 Hot Recent News

    The highest court in South Africa has tapped the parliament. According to South African media, the Constitutional Court ruled that the MPs did not adequately carry out their checking task in a riot around President Jacob Zuma.

  • Chaos at ANC conference

    johannesburg December 16, 2017 10:18 Hot Recent News

    The election of the successor of party leader Jacob Zuma of the ANC in South Africa is delaying. At the scheduled meeting in Johannesburg on Saturday, the party summit was confronted with three judgments by the courts, as a result of which unexpectedly more than 100 members of the ANC no longer have the right to vote.

  • Mnangagwa, 'the crocodile', not yet returned to Zimbabwe

    johannesburg November 21, 2017 07:33 Hot Recent News

    The former vice president of Zimbabwe, Emmerson Mnangagwa said on Tuesday that he would not return to his country. He first wants his safety to be guaranteed there. Mnangagwa said that he fled from the country after he heard that there were 'plans to get him out of the way.' \u0026 # X27;

  • Government party: departure of Mugabe inevitable

    johannesburg November 17, 2017 09:15 Hot Recent News

    The departure of President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe is inevitable, says a source within the ruling party ZANU-PF. Members of the party meet Friday to draft a resolution to dismiss Mugabe at the weekend and lay the foundation for his deposition next week if he refuses to resign.

  • Trailer with 42 corpses on highway

    johannesburg November 15, 2017 19:24 Hot Recent News

    A trailer with 42 remains remains stranded on a motorway in South Africa. The trailer lost a wheel south of the town of Braamfontein, after which the road was closed for a while.

  • Opposition Zimbabwe in talks with army

    johannesburg November 15, 2017 14:27 Hot Recent News

    The Zimbabwean army is conducting talks with the opposition on a possible transitional government. That said an important opposition officer, who remained anonymous, against the British newspaper The Guardian. A second source in the opposition suggested that negotiations with 'certain people within the army' have been going on for months.

  • Woman Mugabe acts after abuse

    Woman Mugabe acts after abuse

    johannesburg August 15, 2017 12:12 Hot Recent News

    The Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe's wife reported on Tuesday to the South African police. Grace Mugabe, the possible successor and second-century woman of the 93-year-old president, had abused a woman in Johannesburg last weekend.

  • South African parliament votes on Zuma

    South African parliament votes on Zuma

    johannesburg August 8, 2017 05:54 Hot Recent News

    The South African parliament could send Jacob Zuma home tomorrow on Tuesday afternoon. The 75-year-old president has been under fire for many months, both inside and outside, but has survived several suspicions of suspicion.

  • President Zuma jailed on May 1 meeting

    President Zuma jailed on May 1 meeting

    johannesburg May 1, 2017 13:54 Hot Recent News

    The South African trade union Cosatu has canceled talks from President Jacob Zuma and others on a May 1 meeting in Bloemfontein. To this end, it was decided when the audience began to stir and some showed their disapproval of Zuma.

  • Protesters demand resignation Zuma

    Protesters demand resignation Zuma

    pretoria/johannesburg April 7, 2017 13:00 Hot Recent News

    Tens of thousands of South Africans are Friday in major cities took to the streets to demand the resignation of President Jacob Zuma. The protesters are angry that Zuma has dismissed the popular Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan and many posts have reallocated his cabinet.

  • ANC supports President Zuma

    ANC supports President Zuma

    johannesburg April 5, 2017 13:03 Hot Recent News

    South Africa's ANC party has emphatically Wednesday behind leader and President Jacob Zuma (74) rallied. This happened despite the calls for his resignation from the public and some allies after Zuma among others nine ministers uitstuurde the avenue.

  • South Africa will remain a member of ICC

    South Africa will remain a member of ICC

    johannesburg March 8, 2017 12:30 Hot Recent News

    South Africa will remain a member of the International Criminal Court (ICC). The government complained last month about the court as 'a tribunal to try Africans' and wants to quit. However, the High Court in Pretoria ruled that the decision was unlawful because the parliament had passed the decision.

  • Again distinguish no African leader

    Again distinguish no African leader

    johannesburg February 28, 2017 13:42 Hot Recent News

    Like last year, there is also this year a winner of the prize for outstanding political leadership in Africa. The award was established by the Sudanese telecoms tycoon Mo Ibrahim. According to the jury, there is no former African head of government or head of state who currently earns the prize.

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