• Certainly five dead by collapsing walkway

    Certainly five dead by collapsing walkway

    islamabad May 13, 2018 16:18 Hot Recent News

    Due to the collapse of a footbridge over a river in the Pakistani part of Kashmir, at least five people were killed, eight others were injured. A spokesman for the Neelum district said that there are still 11 missing people. The death toll will probably rise. The rescue action continues unabated.

  • Death penalty after lynching party Pakistan

    Death penalty after lynching party Pakistan

    islamabad February 7, 2018 12:00 Hot Recent News

    A Pakistani court sentenced a man to death for his role in a lynching in April that killed a 23-year-old student. An angry mob attacked the man at the university in Mardan because he would have spread blasphemous material via the internet. That later turned out not to be true.

  • Kill by attack Pakistan

    Kill by attack Pakistan

    islamabad February 3, 2018 19:51 Hot Recent News

    At least eleven soldiers were killed by a suicide attack in the Pakistani Swat Valley. A terrorist blew himself up at a checkpoint at a headquarters of the army in the Kabal region in northern Pakistan on Saturday.

  • Pakistan wants to get rid of Afghan refugees

    Pakistan wants to get rid of Afghan refugees

    islamabad February 1, 2018 13:45 Hot Recent News

    The Pakistani government has determined that refugees from Afghanistan can stay in the country for no more than sixty days, while the responsible minister recommended a five-month period on Wednesday. The decision revives the fear that Islamabad is preparing the expulsion of hundreds of thousands of Afghans.

  • Trump is talking to Pakistan about terrorists

    palm beach January 1, 2018 13:15 Hot Recent News

    US President Trump has fought hard on New Year's Day against ally Pakistan. He tweeted that his country has mad enough over 33 billion dollars (27.5 billion euros) in aid over the past fifteen years and that the US has not gotten back.

  • Protest Pakistan ended after leaving minister

    islamabad November 27, 2017 06:27 Hot Recent News

    The Islamists who have been campaigning for several days at the Pakistani capital Islamabad are ending their protest after the government has approved the departure of the Minister of Justice. That was announced by a spokesperson for the group.

  • Again riots in Islamabad

    islamabad November 26, 2017 08:03 Hot Recent News

    Police and Islamists went to the Pakistani capital Islamabad on Sunday for two consecutive days. Activists set fire to vehicles and then retreated to the protest camp that they have been organizing for more than two weeks on the main exit road of the city.

  • Kill in action against protests Pakistan

    islamabad November 25, 2017 21:21 Hot Recent News

    During clashes between Pakistani security forces and religious demonstrators in the capital Islamabad, at least six people were killed. All dead are demonstrators, said a staff member of the rescue services on the night from Saturday to Sunday (local time).

  • US and Pakistan on collision course to Hafiz Saeed

    islamabad November 25, 2017 18:30 Hot Recent News

    The United States is threatening repercussions for relations between the US and Pakistan if Islamabad does not take action to arrest a Muslim militant who has been released. It is accused of being the brain behind the attack in 2008 in Mumbai.

  • Police Pakistan in charge with Islamists

    islamabad November 25, 2017 10:15 Hot Recent News

    The Pakistani police have been on Saturday on a large scale with Islamists who block important roads in capital Islamabad for more than two weeks with a sit-in. Approximately 4,000 police officers took to the streets to drive away the about one thousand activists from the Tehreek-e-Labaik movement.

  • Pakistan releases infamous Islamist

    islamabad November 24, 2017 08:54 Hot Recent News

    The Pakistani Islamist Hafiz Saeed, on whose head the US has made a 10 million dollar reward, can move freely in the country again. The judge lifted the house arrest of the supposed brain behind the bloody attack in Mumbai, which killed 166 people.

  • Kill by busongeval Pakistan

    islamabad November 9, 2017 07:18 Hot Recent News

    Due to a bus accident in Pakistan, 27 people were killed and fifty injured. The vehicle hit the road and collapsed in a gap near the capital Islamabad.

  • Brother of Prime Minister Pakistan possible successor

    Brother of Prime Minister Pakistan possible successor

    islamabad July 29, 2017 16:06 Hot Recent News

    The deputized Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has proposed his brother Shahbaz as successor to the general elections in 2018. He said in a speech for party fellow Shahid Abassi to be in the middle of the break. The 58-year-old Abbasi is a loyal ally of Sharif and is currently the Minister of Oil and Gas.

  • Bizarre killings in sanctuary

    Bizarre killings in sanctuary

    islamabad April 2, 2017 09:21 Hot Recent News

    An administrator of a sanctuary of Sufism in Pakistan Sargodha district has Sunday tortured twenty people with few allies and then murdered. A police spokesman told the Pakistani newspaper The News that the administrator was insane. He would have thought that torture worked healing.

  • Pakistan wants to restore military tribunals

    Pakistan wants to restore military tribunals

    islamabad February 28, 2017 16:09 Hot Recent News

    The Pakistani government wants to reintroduce controversial military tribunals after a series of bloody terrorist attacks. They should continue to run for two years and ensure that terrorists and extremists to be tried quickly. The parliament votes on March 6 about a necessary adjustment of the constitution.

  • Court bans Valentine's Day in Pakistan

    Court bans Valentine's Day in Pakistan

    islamabad February 13, 2017 11:24 Hot Recent News

    In Pakistan people are allowed this year not celebrate Valentine's Day in public. That sets a high court Monday in Islamabad. According to the Pakistani newspaper Dawn should be made or sent any advertising for the day of love.

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