• Lynch party India: sixteen arrests

    Lynch party India: sixteen arrests

    delhi June 11, 2018 13:24 Hot Recent News

    The Indian police have arrested 16 people after a double murder in the state of Assam. An angry mob killed two men after they stopped at a village to ask for directions, the BBC reported. The attackers apparently thought they were dealing with kidnappers who had been targeting children.

  • Man films himself along track, is hit by train

    Man films himself along track, is hit by train

    hyderabad January 24, 2018 16:18 Hot Recent News

    A young Indian who was filming along the track in Hyderabad himself while a train was coming at high speed, was hit by the oncoming train. The man looks at the camera with a big smile on his face when fate strikes. The Indian was badly injured.

  • Woman in India on the street fired

    hyderabad December 22, 2017 20:45 Hot Recent News

    A 25-year-old woman was showered and lit with a kerosene by a stalker on the street in India. She later died in the hospital from the severe burns she sustained. The man had been bothering the woman for some time, the police told Indian media.

  • Children rescued from quarry

    chennai January 4, 2017 15:15 Hot Recent News

    Police in India has nearly two hundred sometimes very young children freed, who were forced to work in a quarry in the southern state of Telangana. Among the children were under the police toddlers barely four years old.

  • Anger over 'feudal palace' Indian politician

    Anger over 'feudal palace' Indian politician

    hyderabad November 25, 2016 14:30 Hot Recent News

    An Indian state driver indignation aroused by building a colossal palace for himself. The neoclassical-looking building covers about ten thousand square meters in the city of Hyderabad. It has a hall where five hundred people fit, bullet-proof windows and bathrooms and is completely 'vastu'.

  • Apple Maps opens office in India

    Apple Maps opens office in India

    hyderabad May 19, 2016 11:03 Hot Recent News

    Apple will open an office in India's Hyderabad focused on the development of Apple Maps. That Apple CEO Tim Cook announced Thursday during a visit to India. There were up to 4,000 jobs will be created in the Asian country.

  • Pakistan arrested dozens of extremists

    Pakistan arrested dozens of extremists

    February 12, 2016 10:49 Hot Recent News

    The Pakistani authorities have arrested in recent raids in the southern port city of Karachi 97 extremists of al Qaeda and the group Lashkar-e-Jhangvi. Among them were two commanders of the latter group and al-Qaeda, said a military spokesman.

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