• Wanted to swine wildly in Germany

    heide October 20, 2017 13:57 Hot Recent News

    Two wild boar kept housekeeping in the German city of Heide (Schleswig-Holstein) on Friday. Four people got injured when the animals suddenly opened up in the center and attacked passengers.

  • 'Apple pulls plug out 'jack''

    'Apple pulls plug out 'jack''

    September 19, 2016 19:57 Hot Recent News

    "It comes in the fast-moving tech world not often that a technique is used as long as the plug invented in 1878 that dangles at the end of each headphone. However, if it is located on Apple, also has beaten the last hour before this plug. In the latest version of the iPhone is not a clear opening for 3.5mm big 'jack', leading to mixed reactions from consumers and experts."

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