• Defender chooses wrong house

    Defender chooses wrong house

    hagen April 13, 2018 17:00 Hot Recent News

    A burglar in the German town of Hagen has picked the wrong house on Friday. When she had crept in through the open garage door, she met the occupant on a staircase: a policewoman.

  • Playing learning in Kidsaroo World
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    Playing learning in Kidsaroo World

    June 29, 2017 09:36 Hot Recent News

    Kidsaroo World allows children from 2 years to self-navigate the app, where they meet Kathy and the little Jimmy Kangaroo. The app, which is free for download in the Netherlands and Belgium, is already in the top 3 of, among other things, the kids category under 5 years.

  • Man stealing milk from children

    Man stealing milk from children

    hagen burg February 27, 2017 14:39 Hot Recent News

    A 38-year-old man has for weeks toddlers robbed in the northern German Hagenburg their milk. Since early this year, he went there every Monday and Thursday off with the cans that were put down to two kindergartens.

  • Agent fells wild boar in downtown Copenhagen

    hagen March 1, 2016 17:14 Hot Recent News

    A wild boar on Tuesday the city of Hagen in the Ruhr area in Germany unsafe. About 40 kilo beast ran like a madman through the busy pedestrian area, through shop windows, a department store and a kiosk, much to the dismay of shop staff and public.

  • Firemen put out German asylum house on fire

    Firemen put out German asylum house on fire

    hagen October 9, 2015 21:47 Hot Recent News

    A 25 year-old German fireman has confessed that he founded together with another fire at a refugee shelter in place Altena (North Rhine Westphalia ) . Also known partner in the interrogations of the police attack on the house last Saturday. The two live in the area of reception.

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