• Dealer (19) takes eleven bags of cocaine to question

    deurne January 8, 2018 18:36 Hot Recent News

    The 19-year-old Quincy S.G. from the Belgian town of Deurne has been sentenced to eighteen months in prison. He stepped into a police station with eleven bags of cocaine early last year. Another hundred grams of cannabis lay in his Vespa in front of the door.

  • 3 year sentence for third perpetrator Deurne

    3 year sentence for third perpetrator Deurne

    December 11, 2015 19:14 Hot Recent News

    When it comes to justice is the third perpetrator of the fatal everywhere at a jewelry store in Deurne three years in jail. The man was admittedly not directly involved in the action, in which two attackers were killed, but it has made such a contribution to the crime that can be proved complicity, the Advocate General argued Friday the sentencing.

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