• 'Chriet movies are classics'

    'Chriet movies are classics'

    threebergen April 24, 2017 09:09 Hot Recent News

    The death of scientist and the astronomer Chriet Titulaer is the reason for many Dutch and foreigners to give way to the life of the distinctive television personality. On Twitter, many personal memories of the 73-year-old died Titulaer.

  • Five hikers deposit 500 meters from mountain

    vancouver April 10, 2017 11:36 Hot Recent News

    Five hikers last weekend killed when they attacked a mountain ridge 500 meters down in western Canada. A sixth hiker survived the disaster on Mount Harvey north of Vancouver because he had fallen behind, says the Canadian channel CTV Vancouver.

  • Heels Duty abolished in Canadian hospitality

    Heels Duty abolished in Canadian hospitality

    victoria April 8, 2017 05:45 Hot Recent News

    Waitresses in restaurants and bars in the Canadian state of British Columbia (BC) no longer required to wear heels. This was announced by the state Friday, reports the BBC. The Government of BC is chopping duty discriminatory and walking in heels is another unnecessarily dangerous.

  • Indians lose battle for oil pipeline

    Indians lose battle for oil pipeline

    washington February 13, 2017 20:36 Hot Recent News

    A judge in Washington has ruled Monday that the construction of the last stretch of the infamous Dakota pipeline for transporting oil flowing. A group of Indians had the judge in the District of Columbia invited from the region concerned to stop the construction.

  • Tech Legend Bill Campbell deceased

    Tech Legend Bill Campbell deceased

    April 19, 2016 08:42 Hot Recent News

    Tech Legend Bill Campbell is deceased at the age of 75, relatives confirm him to Re / code. 'The Coach' as he was called by many, already fought a long time against cancer. Campbell made his name as inspiration from icons of Silicon Valley, Steve Jobs and Jeff Bezos.

  • Pulitzer Prizes for AP, Reuters and NY Times

    Pulitzer Prizes for AP, Reuters and NY Times

    April 18, 2016 21:49 Hot Recent News

    The most important American prizes for journalism, the Pulitzer, were granted again. Reuters and The New York Times shared the prize for photography for the images they committed themselves to the refugee crisis in Europe and the Middle East. Associated Press received an award for a series of stories about slave labor in fisheries in Southeast Asia. It's the hundredth time that the Pulitzers are awarded.

  • British Columbia is washed with feet

    February 24, 2016 16:28 Hot Recent News

    The Canadian province of British Columbia with tourists mostly known for its beautiful coastline and great skiing, the authorities are somewhere else: feet. In recent years, no less than twelve human feet washed up on the shore of the Pacific Ocean.

  • Jeb Bush election campaign ends

    Jeb Bush election campaign ends

    February 21, 2016 07:35 Hot Recent News

    Jeb Bush on Saturday (local time) announced that he will stop his election campaign. Republican presidential candidate decided to do this because of the disappointing results in the primaries of his party.

  • Many more fish caught than reported

    Many more fish caught than reported

    vancouver January 19, 2016 21:49 Hot Recent News

    Worldwide fish caught is much more than officially reported. According to Canadian researchers of the fishing in the world about 109 billion kilograms. That is considerably more than the 77 billion kilograms of which is officially declared.

  • Experts doubt test North Korea

    Experts doubt test North Korea

    January 6, 2016 21:28 Hot Recent News

    US experts doubt that the underground nuclear test which North Korea have held concerns a hydrogen bomb. For this they point to the seismic effects of the explosion. Who seem too much like previous tests, all as underground nuclear tests were confirmed. A hydrogen bomb, according to the experts have had a much longer and heavier seismic effect.

  • Heavy-handed cop fired

    Heavy-handed cop fired

    columbia October 28, 2015 21:30 Hot Recent News

    The American agent Tuesday for global fuss made ​​with a video that shows how he tackles a schoolgirl violently, was dismissed. According to his boss he has gone too out of line.

  • Agent takes to graze colored pupils

    Agent takes to graze colored pupils

    columbia October 27, 2015 12:09 Hot Recent News

    In America disgust commented on a video which shows how a cop in a South Carolina high school student brutally dragged through the classroom. The officer in question would have used more violence against African- American students.

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