• Boston Globe launches campaign Firearms

    boston June 17, 2016 09:12 Hot Recent News

    With an automatic weapon type AR-15 across the front page of the newspaper Boston Globe Thursday started a campaign against the sale of automatic and semi-automatic weapons. In addition to the weapon, the newspaper prints the words 'Make It Stop 'off.

  • Deadly shootings in the US

    Deadly shootings in the US

    orlando June 13, 2016 11:54 Hot Recent News

    Shooters, particularly in schools and universities, occur frequently in the US Sunday least fifty people were killed by a shooting at a gay club in Orlando. An overview of other major shootings since 1999.

  • Jet crashes after Obama speech

    Jet crashes after Obama speech

    June 3, 2016 07:30 Hot Recent News

    At a ceremony at an air base in the US state of Colorado is an aircraft type Thunderbird crashed. The pilot knew the unit that participated exit at one of the festive 'flyovers', in time with the ejector seat.

  • Guards in Belgium continue strike

    Guards in Belgium continue strike

    brussels May 19, 2016 06:15 Hot Recent News

    The strikes continue guards in Belgium. Consultation between unions of prison staff and the Minister of Justice Koen Geens Wednesday night to no avail. However, the unions are overwhelmingly positive about the additional measures proposed by the Minister.

  • Clinton gets ready for elections

    Clinton gets ready for elections

    April 29, 2016 23:07 Hot Recent News

    Now that the election race at the US Democrats almost over, the party starts to prepare for the presidential election. Hillary Clinton is almost certainly the nomination and therefore it Friday already appointed campaign leaders in three key states: Florida, Colorado, and New Hampshire. These are swing states, there is no clear favorite and the results that can make the difference between profit and loss in the presidential election.

  • Contaminated drinking water affects thousands of Spaniards

    Contaminated drinking water affects thousands of Spaniards

    barcelona April 26, 2016 06:14 Hot Recent News

    Thousands of people in the northeast of Spain have become ill after drinking water that was contaminated with particles of human feces. The Guardian reported Tuesday according to local health authorities which 4146 people in Catalonia have been treated with symptoms such as nausea, vomiting and fever, which causes the so-called norovirus.

  • Dope legally in Canada

    Dope legally in Canada

    toronto April 20, 2016 17:49 Hot Recent News

    The Canadian government will introduce legislation to get marijuana from the criminal sphere and regulate recreational use. That the Minister of Health John Philpott announced Wednesday at a UN meeting in New York on drugs. The new law should enter into force in the spring of 2017.

  • Cruz has in Colorado

    Cruz has in Colorado

    denver April 10, 2016 07:07 Hot Recent News

    Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz on Saturday all delegates of the State of Colorado won during a special convention.,, Utah, North Dakota, Wisconsin and the great results tonight in Colorado proved it: Republicans join behind our campaign, '' Cruz said afterwards. He hopes that the party supports behind him to halt the frontrunner Donald Trump.

  • Clinton and Trump big winners

    Clinton and Trump big winners

    March 2, 2016 05:56 Hot Recent News

    Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are the big winners from the bus arrived on Super Tuesday. Clinton, the Democratic candidate slain dyed, went in seven states with the victory on the stroke, US media reported on the basis of provisional figures. When Republicans Trump also received the most votes in seven states.

  • Super Tuesday LIVE

    Super Tuesday LIVE

    houston March 1, 2016 23:49 Hot Recent News

    The battle for the White House is after tonight a new phase. If the results of Super Tuesday are in, will be apparent in big outlines between the Republican and which will be the Democratic candidate US presidential election later this year.

  • Woman cut unborn child out of body

    boulder February 24, 2016 20:21 Hot Recent News

    A jury in Boulder in the US state of Colorado has convicted a 36-year-old woman of murder because an unborn child was cut from the abdomen with another woman. The baby did not survive, the mother was seriously injured but survived.

  • Greek protests are spreading

    Greek protests are spreading

    athens January 28, 2016 10:49 Hot Recent News

    The protests in Greece against the intention of the government to cut back 15 percent on pensions and to introduce new taxes, expand. On Thursday morning for the second day in a row, people took to the streets and has stopped work in different sectors.

  • Chip moves data via light

    Chip moves data via light

    December 24, 2015 16:42 Hot Recent News

    Researchers at the University of Colorado have demonstrated a working microprocessor which uses light instead of electricity for the transmission of data at high speed. The technology could lead to more powerful computers and network infrastructure.

  • Batman shooter to another prison
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    Batman shooter to another prison

    denver December 15, 2015 08:28 Hot Recent News

    James Holmes, the man who in 2012 in a movie theater in the United States Aurora, near Denver, twelve people shot dead, was transferred to another prison. In this new facility, he gets more contact with fellow prisoners.

  • Morgue lost body in Texas

    dallas December 11, 2015 23:35 Hot Recent News

    Employees of an American mortuary while riding on a road in Texas lost the body of a deceased woman. The remains of the woman fell out of the van when unknown causes the rear window broke. The staff had not noticed and drove on. Police found the " body bag " with the body wrapped in ice after a routine roadside check.

  • US shooting suspect : I'm guilty

    US shooting suspect : I'm guilty

    December 10, 2015 01:28 Hot Recent News

    The suspect in a fatal shooting at an abortion clinic in the US Colorado Springs, has announced during an emotional outburst in court debt. "I am guilty, there is no trial. I am a fighter for the babies," cried the alleged gunman at the beginning of the session.

  • Killed in shooting in US abortion clinic

    Killed in shooting in US abortion clinic

    November 28, 2015 08:45 Hot Recent News

    In a shooting at an abortion clinic in Colorado Springs Friday three people were killed and nine people injured. According to police, the dead, two civilians and a policeman. The shooter was hours in the clinic. He surrendered after a shootout with the police eventually.

  • Shooting at clinic in Colorado Springs

    Shooting at clinic in Colorado Springs

    November 27, 2015 22:00 Hot Recent News

    In a shooting at a clinic run by the American organization Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA) are Friday in Colorado Springs have fallen four injured, listed The Colorado Springs Gazette. An unknown gunman opened apparently random fire on people.

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