• Chaos at border Venezuela

    Chaos at border Venezuela

    cucuta February 24, 2018 04:36 Hot Recent News

    An overwhelming number of Venezuelans fleeing the left-wing dictatorship of President Nicolas Maduro disrupts Colombian and Brazilian border cities. In Colombian Cúcuta, devoured families sleep on the streets, begging for food and shelter in residential areas, and take over the stories about robberies and crime.

  • Venezuelan opposition leader flees country

    caracas/cúcuta November 17, 2017 15:18 Hot Recent News

    An important opposition leader in Venezuela, former mayor of the capital Caracas Antonio Ledezma, fled the country on Friday. Colombian and Venezuelan media reported that he crossed the border to the Colombian town of Cúcuta.

  • Venezuela opens border with Colombia as

    Venezuela opens border with Colombia as

    caracas July 10, 2016 20:03 Hot Recent News

    The economically impoverished Venezuela for the first time in eleven months the Colombian border as open put to do there shopping. 25,000 Venezuelans were eager use them Sunday. They drove to the nearby Cucuta to stock up on food and medicines that are not getting all time domestically.

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