• Film legend Danielle Darrieux (100) died

    bois-le-roi October 19, 2017 10:42 Hot Recent News

    French actress Danielle Darrieux died at the age of 100 in her hometown of Bois-le-Roi. She was a true movie diva who made her debut in the movie Le Bal in 1931, when she was fourteen years old.

  • Euro Point makes Le Pen the tie

    Euro Point makes Le Pen the tie

    paris May 8, 2017 09:45 Hot Recent News

    After the disappointing score last night, Marine Le Pen wants to reform the Front National. How is not yet clear, but the flow within the party that is skeptical about its position on the euro and the European Union is beginning to stir up.

  • Checks at memorial Belgian mining disaster

    Checks at memorial Belgian mining disaster

    August 8, 2016 12:30 Hot Recent News

    Strict security measures are in force Monday in commemoration of mine disaster of 1956 in the Walloon Marcinelle. Which is a suburb of Charleroi, where an Algerian Saturday two policewomen stabbed. Soldiers and officers are stationed at the entrance of the former colliery and backpacks visitors are thoroughly checked.

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