• Farthest star ever discovered
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    Farthest star ever discovered

    berkeley April 2, 2018 16:15 Hot Recent News

    Scientists have ever discovered the furthest star. It stands at no less than 9 billion light-years away from the earth. Until now, there were complete galaxies and supernovas (exploding stars) seen at such distances, but no individual, normally shining stars.

  • Riots by pro-Trump meeting California

    Riots by pro-Trump meeting California

    berkeley April 16, 2017 06:09 Hot Recent News

    A demonstration of supporters of US President Donald Trump Saturday in the city of Berkeley (California) quite out of hand. There fighting broke out when protesters wanted to disrupt the meeting, reports the Los Angeles Times.

  • Trump threatens Berkeley University of California

    Trump threatens Berkeley University of California

    washington February 2, 2017 14:18 Hot Recent News

    President Donald Trump on Thursday via Twitter the University of California at Berkeley threatened to deny federal government money. After a violent expired protest a lecture by a right-wing populist blogger, Trump noted that Berkeley does not allow freedom of speech and that used violence on campus against innocent people.

  • Smallest transistor ever made

    Smallest transistor ever made

    berkeley October 7, 2016 08:27 Hot Recent News

    US scientists have managed to make the thinnest ever transistor. The so-called 'gate' (connection) is only 1 nanometer thick. That is five times thinner than before thought possible, 20 times as thin as the best transistors that are now on the market and 50,000 times thinner than a human hair.

  • Ballet around star Kepler-223

    Ballet around star Kepler-223

    berkeley May 13, 2016 05:08 Hot Recent News

    A striking ballet around the star Kepler-223. He has four planets rotate synchronously. In the time it takes for the inner planet for eight rounds, the second planet makes six rounds, the third and the four outer three.

  • Chip moves data via light

    Chip moves data via light

    December 24, 2015 16:42 Hot Recent News

    Researchers at the University of Colorado have demonstrated a working microprocessor which uses light instead of electricity for the transmission of data at high speed. The technology could lead to more powerful computers and network infrastructure.

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