• Anger expensive stulpje bishop

    Anger expensive stulpje bishop

    bamberg July 24, 2016 16:54 Hot Recent News

    The charitable Catholic institution Joseph-Stiftung does satisfaction to many, almost seven decades of social housing for the needy in and around the German city of Bamberg. The social satisfaction is suddenly completely different now came out that a former bishop by the foundation is housed in a building of 1.2 million.

  • German police prevents deposits extreme right

    German police prevents deposits extreme right

    bamberg October 22, 2015 19:13 Hot Recent News

    The German police have members of an extreme right-wing group arrested, possibly were planning to commit attacks on Bavarian Bamberg accommodation for asylum seekers and leftist politicians. Some of the suspects, a total of eleven men and two women, would have ordered online material to be " highly dangerous explosives " to make, said Attorney General Eric Ohlenschlager Bamberg Thursday.

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