• Hilarious: friends swarming around the World Cup with cardboard football buddy

    Hilarious: friends swarming around the World Cup with cardboard football buddy

    June 19, 2018 20:30 Hot Recent News

    The Mexican football supporter Javier, who was not allowed to join his wife with his friends to the World Cup in Russia, is- thanks to a creative and hilarious solution of his buddies- a little bit more. His friends made a cardboard sign with his photo in lifelike format and now drag them everywhere. The images they share on social media work well on the laughter muscles.

  • Lawyer demands acquittal former SS

    Lawyer demands acquittal former SS

    detmold June 12, 2016 06:33 Hot Recent News

    The lawyer Reinhold Hanning, a former camp guard at Auschwitz, has requested acquittal for his client. The lawyer said Saturday before a court in the German city of Detmold that there is no evidence for the direct involvement of the 94-year-old Hanning at mass murder.

  • Failure reactor Tihange by faulty engine
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    Failure reactor Tihange by faulty engine

    June 12, 2016 06:27 Hot Recent News

    Automatic shutdown of the Belgian reactor Tihange 2, near Huy in the province, is due to a failure of an electric motor. That said a spokesman for the nuclear power plant Saturday. The reactor will probably Wednesday, June 15th reboot.

  • British queen in military troops parade

    British queen in military troops parade

    london June 12, 2016 06:15 Hot Recent News

    With a colorful military parade in central London celebrates Britain Saturday the ninetieth birthday of Queen Elizabeth II. Thousands of people cheered the Queen far as she rode in an open carriage from Buckingham Palace to the exercise site for the Horse Guards Parade.

  • Trump wants athletes to word

    Trump wants athletes to word

    June 12, 2016 06:12 Hot Recent News

    Top sportsmen speak at the Republican convention this summer instead of politicians: it is an idea that Donald Trump suggested Friday on one of his campaign meetings, the political website The Hill writes.

  • US and Turkey bombard IS

    US and Turkey bombard IS

    June 12, 2016 06:06 Hot Recent News

    US air strikes and artillery shelling by having the Turkish army in Syria to 31 fighters from Islamic State killed. That Turkish media reported Saturday, without indicating exactly when the attacks occurred.

  • Solar Impulse top NY (Photos)

    Solar Impulse top NY (Photos)

    June 12, 2016 06:00 Hot Recent News

    Beautiful images from New York, where the Solar Impulse 2 has arrived on the east coast of the US The aircraft flies on solar energy and Friday made using batteries to move from an airport in Pennsylvania to JFK Airport.

  • Singer (22) killed at concert

    Singer (22) killed at concert

    orlando June 12, 2016 05:39 Hot Recent News

    The 22 year old talented American singer Christina Grimmie, in the United States known for 'The Voice', during a concert in Orlando (Florida) shot dead by an unknown man. Experts predicted the singer a glittering career in music.

  • Romney has to Trump

    Romney has to Trump

    June 12, 2016 05:36 Hot Recent News

    Mitt Romney may not then this year are mixed as a candidate in the US election campaign, he is going to have resisted the dangerous,, '' rhetoric and candidacy of Donald Trump. That said the former Republican presidential candidate in an interview with CNN.

  • Trump campaign must tighten

    June 12, 2016 05:24 Hot Recent News

    The Republican Party is going to interfere more with the campaign of its presidential candidate Donald Trump. The party is because a tight organization of Trump's campaign is still lacking.

  • Fire Devil Einhausen show fireman
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    Fire Devil Einhausen show fireman

    einhausen November 4, 2015 16:54 Hot Recent News

    A 19-year member of the local fire department of the German Einhausen is considered the founder of dozens of fires in and around that place. According to German media, he has more than a dozen fires known.

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