• Youth Gang plaguing Asten

    Youth Gang plaguing Asten

    asten March 22, 2016 18:03 Hot Recent News

    Brabant Asten is afflicted one and a half years by violent youth. This week it was announced that a twenty boy narrowly escaped death when he was pushed through a glass door. The glass cut his neck through. That happened with Carnival. The group is so threatening that the police suspect that not everyone dares to report.

  • At least five cyclists on the highway

    At least five cyclists on the highway

    asten October 18, 2015 17:08 Hot Recent News

    At least five people have Saturday and Sunday cycled on highways in the country. Brabant Asten when a woman came in the crash . She was hit by two trucks when they bike crossed the highway and died at the scene . The police can not say who the woman is .

  • A67 cyclist hit by two trucks

    A67 cyclist hit by two trucks

    asten October 18, 2015 13:20 Hot Recent News

    The woman who died Saturday in a traffic accident on the A67 in Asten , was hit by two trucks. A 31 -year-old driver from Milsbeek saw the woman suddenly bicycle crossing the highway. He could not avoid her. A 51 -year-old truck driver from Beek en Donk, who was driving behind the first truck , the woman then also hit .

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