• Republicans carry pressure on Moore

    washington November 14, 2017 18:42 Hot Recent News

    Paul Ryan, the Republican president of the US House of Representatives, has joined the line of prominent party fellow members demanding the withdrawal from the controversial candidate senator Roy Moore. Moore is accused of sexual misconduct by several women. Ryan called those allegations 'credible.'

  • Republicans fight VS with abuse abuse

    washington November 13, 2017 19:33 Hot Recent News

    The Republicans in the US struggle with a fellow around the controversial Senate candidate Roy Moore. The Republican Senate leader, Mitch McConnell, called on Moore to withdraw on Monday. The candidate pointed out that McConnell could get better on his own.

  • Man forgot the murder executed

    washington November 6, 2017 16:54 Hot Recent News

    The US Supreme Court ruled that a state-of-the-art state of Alabama could be executed because of the shooting of a police officer in 1985. Vernon Madison (67) was already sentenced to death in 1994 but received some strokes in his death cell, causing him to can not remember his actions or explain.

  • Man executed for assassination in 1997

    atlanta October 20, 2017 06:12 Hot Recent News

    In the state of Alabama, 40-year-old Torrey McNabb was killed. He received the death penalty for killing a police officer in his car in 1997. One witness declared McNabb killed the agent in cool blood.

  • Obama makes an interest in political stage

    newark October 20, 2017 06:03 Hot Recent News

    Former American President Barack Obama has for the first time been in a political meeting since his resignation. The Democrat supports two party fellow campaigners to win a governor's seat in the states of New Jersey and Virginia. The interim elections will be held next month. That is exactly one year after the presidential elections.

  • New Orleans is getting rid of it

    New Orleans is getting rid of it

    October 10, 2017 23:39 Hot Recent News

    After hurricanes Harvey and Irma, the United States is having a hurricane again. Tropical storm Nate has become a hurricane on the way to New Orleans. Nate is currently in the Gulf of Mexico and is now officially in power.

  • Mayor New Orleans ordered evacuation

    Mayor New Orleans ordered evacuation

    new orleans October 10, 2017 23:06 Hot Recent News

    The Mayor of New Orleans, Mitch Landrieu, commissioned Friday for evacuation of people in some parts of the city and also set an evening bell. He made those decisions because of the approach of tropical storm Nate. It is expected to grow up over the Gulf of Mexico into a hurricane before landing in the south of the USA.

  • Irma also takes care of death in US

    Irma also takes care of death in US

    miami/atlanta September 12, 2017 06:03 Hot Recent News

    Hurricane Irma has caused at least nine deaths in the US states of Florida, Georgia and South Carolina. Irma is toned to a tropical storm over the US, but has caused damage to the state of Georgia above all. In the three states, over seven million people have no power.

  • Irma slows down to tropical storms

    Irma slows down to tropical storms

    miami September 11, 2017 11:15 Hot Recent News

    Hurricane Irma loses power as his eye draws on the northwestern coast of Florida on monday. Irma is expected to slow down from a hurricane of category 1 to a tropical storm. By Tuesday afternoon there will be only tropical depression, says the American National Hurricane Center (NHC).

  • 'Rechargeable spinner can fly fire'

    'Rechargeable spinner can fly fire'

    the hague July 7, 2017 19:54 Hot Recent News

    Anyone who has a rechargeable fidget spinner needs to pay extra attention when charging. The toy can catch a flame. For this reason, the Dutch Food and Welfare Authority warns, referring to messages in US media.

  • Dozens injured at shooting nightclub USA

    Dozens injured at shooting nightclub USA

    little rock July 2, 2017 14:18 Hot Recent News

    After the shooting party on Saturday morning in a nightclub in the US state of Arkansas where 28 injured fell, the police arrested two suspects. One of them is a rapper who had performed at the Power Ultra Lounge in Little Rock. The police suspect that an argument between members of two rival gangs escalated in the club.

  • Senators hear Trumps candidates

    Senators hear Trumps candidates

    washington January 10, 2017 15:51 Hot Recent News

    Members of the US Senate begin to hear from prospective ministers to Donald Trump for bears. The first three are candidate Justice Minister Jeff Sessions, John Kelly of Interior and Foreign Affairs Rex Tillerson. There are this week at least eight hearings on the program.

  • Kill by storm in Alabama

    Kill by storm in Alabama

    austin January 3, 2017 05:45 Hot Recent News

    Four people were killed by a heavy storm in the US instead Rehobeth in the state of Alabama. That twittered Governor Robert Bentley. The National Hurricane Center calls the heavy storm on the site ' a possible tornado. '

  • Death penalty on return in the US

    Death penalty on return in the US

    los angeles December 21, 2016 10:15 Hot Recent News

    The number of death sentences and executions in the US has fallen sharply over the past year. For the first time in forty years condemned judges no state more than ten people to death. Twenty death sentences were carried out.

  • Trump is on profit

    Trump is on profit

    November 9, 2016 05:21 Hot Recent News

    Donald Trump has won in the states of Ohio, Montana, Texas, Louisiana, North- and South Dakota, Kansas, Nebraska, Wyoming, Alabama, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Mississippi, West Virginia, South Carolina, Indiana and Kentucky.

  • Toddlers shot down 23 people

    May 1, 2016 16:56 Hot Recent News

    The number of American toddlers getting owned a gun and shoot someone down, rises sharply. The newspaper The Washington Post noted last year that it occurred on average once a week, in the first seventeen weeks of this year are already 23 people become victims of such a shooting.

  • Possible Vikingstad found in Canada

    Possible Vikingstad found in Canada

    newfoundland April 3, 2016 13:00 Hot Recent News

    Using satellite technology, a team of scientists possibly a second settlement of Vikings found in Newfoundland, Canada. The discovery could change the history of the exepedities Vikings- and possibly even the discovery of America.

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