• Pole gets lifelong for murdering a rich mother in law

    Pole gets lifelong for murdering a rich mother in law

    aix-en-provence October 17, 2018 19:16 Hot Recent News

    A Polish businessman was sentenced to life in Aix-en-Provence on Wednesday by the murder of his wealthy mother-in-law, Hélène Pastor. According to the French media, the judge found that he had ordered the removal of the billionaire from Monaco to secure the legacy.

  • Spanish rosé sold as French

    Spanish rosé sold as French

    barcelona/paris July 9, 2018 14:30 Hot Recent News

    A colossal amount of Spanish rosé is sold as French rosé. This has been discovered by a French anti-fraud institution in a survey conducted in the years 2016 and 2017 by producers, importers, traders and sellers, reported French and Spanish media.

  • Russian billionaire Kerimov acquitted

    Russian billionaire Kerimov acquitted

    aix-en-provence June 28, 2018 19:30 Hot Recent News

    Russian billionaire Soeleiman Kerimov has been cleared of money laundering in France and is allowed to leave the country. That is a big disappointment for the French Public Prosecution Service in this politically sensitive case. 'This puts an end to the accusations against Kerimov. This is very good news for him and a great legal victory. ', Jacqueline Laffont, one of his lawyers, responded.

  • Scarcity of rosé in the summer: price is rising

    Scarcity of rosé in the summer: price is rising

    paris May 21, 2018 11:57 Hot Recent News

    Disappointing harvests in France threaten to cause a shortage of rosé this summer. The popular type of wine can, according to reports from French media, increase prices by 20 to 30 percent. France, by far the largest producer, exporter and consumer of this wine, saw the yield of the year 2017 fall by more than 10 percent.

  • Bestseller author Peter Mayle (78) died

    Bestseller author Peter Mayle (78) died

    london January 19, 2018 13:09 Hot Recent News

    His novels and travel stories from Provence made him world famous: the British bestselling author Peter Mayle is dead. Mayle died on Thursday at the age of 78 after a brief illness in a Southern French hospital, publisher Alfred A. Knopf reported on Twitter.

  • Moskeegangers injured after shooting

    Moskeegangers injured after shooting

    avignon July 3, 2017 06:45 Hot Recent News

    In the French city of Avignon, eight people were injured on Sunday after being shot when they left Arrahmamoskee, the French newspaper La Provence said. According to the police, it is not a terror, but a settlement in the criminal circuit or arguments between young people.

  • Archer shoots at school in Marseille

    Archer shoots at school in Marseille

    November 28, 2016 13:24 Hot Recent News

    Teachers and pupils of a school in Marseille may not and must continue their classes or offices where they are because the school was shelled. French media reported that Monday's shot with bow and arrow in the schoolyard.

  • Moment of truth for Le Pen

    Moment of truth for Le Pen

    December 13, 2015 10:07 Hot Recent News

    France will be held Sunday in the second round of regional elections. All eyes will be redirected to the nationalist National Front of Marine Le Pen. The question is whether the party will achieve the same result as in the first round a week ago.

  • Huge profit National Front makes for ' choc '

    Huge profit National Front makes for ' choc '

    December 7, 2015 10:21 Hot Recent News

    The anti- EU and anti- immigration Front National (FN) is the largest in France. In the first round of regional elections gained the nationalist front of Marine Le Pen Sunday nearly 30 percent of the vote. Several French media Monday about " le choc (Shock) after the FN Sunday had achieved a historic breakthrough.

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