• Australia puts drones against shark attacks

    Australia puts drones against shark attacks

    sydney October 25, 2015 16:23 Hot Recent News

    Australia goes along the coast of New South Wales drones bets to avoid shark attacks. Has announced that the local government, writes The Sydney Morning Herald. The drones have equipment on board to monitor the real sharks. They fly from December, when the beach season begins, above the beaches of Sydney and other popular resorts.

  • Kentucky Fried Shark

    Kentucky Fried Shark

    johannesburg October 19, 2015 18:21 Hot Recent News

    Surf Prof Mick Fanning has become a subject of unsolicited commercial of Kentucky Fried Chicken. Australian surfer, triple World Champion , survived in July in Jeffreys Bay on South Africa's south coast, an attack by a great white shark . The spectacular movie about it was worldwide news .

  • Booty safe cracking buried at cemetery

    Booty safe cracking buried at cemetery

    london October 16, 2015 16:01 Hot Recent News

    One of the perpetrators of the notorious robber safe in London earlier this year, the police led to his share of the spoils . The 58 -year-old Danny Jones on Thursday by a heavily armed escort taken from his cell , and he directed the officers to a cemetery in North London. There was a part of the stolen jewels, gold and diamonds buried.

  • Camera captures details invisible fixed

    Camera captures details invisible fixed

    October 16, 2015 14:57 Hot Recent News

    How do you know if a piece of fruit just right, not yet ripe or rotting is it ? Beating, printing and smell can provide the answer, but in the future the camera of your mobile phone may offer a solution . Microsoft is working with the University of Washington with a camera that can detect details under the peel or skin .

  • Rutte : EU must keep appointments

    Rutte : EU must keep appointments

    brussels October 15, 2015 20:33 Hot Recent News

    European countries must live up to previous commitments. Only if the refugee crisis can be tackled. Netherlands does more than average ,null, '' said Prime Minister Mark Rutte before the summit of EU heads of government and heads of state.

  • 'Virus scanner and firewall are not always enough'

    October 14, 2015 10:26 Hot Recent News

    The threats on the Internet continue unabated and the attackers are becoming more cunning. Unceasing vigilance and sustained attention to the protection against cyber crime , espionage and sabotage his commandments. "You can work out today, but tomorrow should be listening in".

  • Putin criticizes US policy on Syria

    Putin criticizes US policy on Syria

    moscow October 13, 2015 20:42 Hot Recent News

    While the Russian air force assault continues to perform above Syria , President Vladimir Putin in Moscow Tuesday again urged a political solution to the civil war. At the same time he accused the United States does not want to cooperate. "I think some of our partners have just porridge in the head ," Putin said at a meeting for businessmen.

  • Cruise missiles Iraq incomparable to MH17

    Cruise missiles Iraq incomparable to MH17

    November 2, 2015 23:32 Hot Recent News

    The commotion over the missile flight path toward Middle and Far East is understandable, but not comparable to the situation around the MH17 over eastern Ukraine . Aviation expert Benno Baksteen steps without restraint in any device that is flying around above the Russian cruise missiles. "The situation is totally different from last year with the MH17 ," says the former president of the Dutch Airline Pilots Association.

  • Kebab as emoji in 2016
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    Kebab as emoji in 2016

    November 2, 2015 23:12 Hot Recent News

    A kebab, a gun, someone shrugging his shoulders potentially smartphone users in 2016 as they all send emoji. They are, along with 64 others, on the list of candidates to be voted emoji 's next year.

  • Prisoners Alcatraz survived escape
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    Prisoners Alcatraz survived escape

    October 11, 2015 16:55 Hot Recent News

    Frank Morris, John Anglin and his brother Clarence in 1962 escaped from the infamous Alcatraz prison on a small island off the coast of San Francisco. Always it was thought that they did not survive the dangerous crossing. Unfairly , say relatives of the three who even claim to have proof.

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