• Demonstration against brown coal Hambach banned

    Demonstration against brown coal Hambach banned

    aken October 4, 2018 23:16 Hot Recent News

    The Aachen police have prohibited environmentalists from demonstrating Saturday in and around the Hambach forest, which will be largely cleared for lignite mining. 'The responsible local authorities see significant dangers to public safety,' was the statement issued on Thursday evening.

  • Police drags environmental activists from forest

    Police drags environmental activists from forest

    kerpen September 17, 2018 06:32 Hot Recent News

    The German police have arrested fourteen people on Sunday against the eviction of the brown coal forest \u0026 # x27; near Hambach, between Aachen and Cologne. Eight people were injured in the protests, including three police officers, the police reported.

  • Convicted IS helper wants to stay in Aachen

    Convicted IS helper wants to stay in Aachen

    aken June 26, 2018 13:36 Hot Recent News

    A convicted IS helper went to court to prevent expulsion from Germany. The court in Aachen confirmed this on Tuesday. The 42-year-old Tunisian was sentenced to five and a half years in prison in June 2016 for carrying out hand and sports services for the terrorist organization Islamic State.

  • People rescued from Cologne cable car

    People rescued from Cologne cable car

    cologne July 30, 2017 18:33 Hot Recent News

    More than 100 people were stuck in Cologne on Sunday afternoon in a cable car that runs across the Rhine. The cable car was broken at 15.30 on Sunday afternoon. According to German media, a gondola was partly shot out of the guiding system.

  • Trainers stop drunken engineer

    Trainers stop drunken engineer

    aken/stolberg July 10, 2017 11:12 Hot Recent News

    Train passengers took a driver on Sunday evening near Aachen because the train stopped so abruptly at stations. The travelers hit him drunk before the train. They called the police. Who found that the 30-year-old train driver had drunk far too much.

  • Suspected attack Thalys for judge

    Suspected attack Thalys for judge

    paris May 16, 2017 13:00 Hot Recent News

    Almost two years after the terrorist attack on a Thalys train, the judicial investigation began to engage in the involvement of Bilal Chatra in Germany. He is suspected of helping the 25-year-old Muslim extremist who wanted to massacre in August 2015 in the high-speed train from Brussels to Paris. Passengers overwhelmed the perpetrator. Two people were injured.

  • Lijk killed Dutchman found at Aachen

    Lijk killed Dutchman found at Aachen

    aken May 8, 2017 12:33 Hot Recent News

    Just across the border in Germany the body of a murdered man from the Netherlands was found. He was stabbed. The Public Prosecutor's Office in Aachen was unable to say who he was on Monday and when he was murdered, he was about twenty years old.

  • Mega Bustle NRW Easter

    Mega Bustle NRW Easter

    dusseldorf April 13, 2017 11:33 Hot Recent News

    Easter weekend makes in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) is probably the most congested of the year. The suffering begins, according to the German automobile club, the ADAC (Allgemeiner Deutscher Automobil-Club), all on Thursday.

  • Germany seeks cooperation against burglaries

    Germany seeks cooperation against burglaries

    aachen October 30, 2016 14:06 Hot Recent News

    Police forces in three German states want to cooperate more with the Dutch and Belgian police against the growing number of burglaries by gangs that use the open borders to disappear. Monday come according to German media together the ministers in Aachen there to sign a declaration.

  • Camels in the crosswalk

    Camels in the crosswalk

    stolberg October 10, 2016 12:15 Hot Recent News

    Motorists should Monday in Stolberg, near the Dutch border in Aachen, here are thought to be a mirage. They saw to their astonishment three camels calmly crossing a busy road. Two did so, moreover, neatly through the crosswalk, the third did not know the rules.

  • Thousands demand closure Tihange

    Thousands demand closure Tihange

    aachen June 26, 2016 14:33 Hot Recent News

    About four thousand people demonstrated Sunday in Aachen for the closure of the nuclear power plant in the Belgian Tihange. With yellow umbrellas bearing the nuclear logo, the demonstrators made it clear that shelter is impossible for them if it ever goes wrong in Tihange that not only is near Aachen, but also only 40 kilometers from Maastricht.

  • German police welcome absence Orange

    German police welcome absence Orange

    aachen June 8, 2016 14:39 Hot Recent News

    That the Dutch national team has not qualified for the European Championship,, is seen sporting a shame, '' the police find the German city of Aachen. But it also has its advantages: there is less chance of supporters riots along the border. In previous games of Orange namely came to skirmishes in the border region.

  • Dom Aachen after 30 years of waiting

    Dom Aachen after 30 years of waiting

    aachen May 29, 2016 11:06 Hot Recent News

    For thirty years has been the cathedral of Aachen in the pipeline, now is the restoration finally finished. The walls, the roof, the windows and the mosaic, the 1200 year old cathedral is taken from top to bottom in progress.

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